Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feast of the Strawberry Moon

We finally made it to the Feast of the Strawberry Moon this year. I've seen signs for it for the past... ohhh 4 years or so, but it seems like something has always been happening and we never actually made it. Maybe it was just that it was just a curiosity rather than an actual desire to go. Either way, curiosity is satisfied and I think we'll mosey on back next year. Kind of fun to see all the people walking around in costume. If you don't know what I'm talking about, and I'm guessing there is a very small minority that does, it is a type of festival where they reinact something--and to tell you the truth, I don't know what they were reenacting--but all the people were in colonial getup. Canvas tents where people actually spent the night, rotisserie dinners, flint-lock guns, girls in dresses and bonnets, and people dressed up like Indians. 

Let me be the first to tell you... those Indians sure liked airing it out too. I saw more than one butt cheek as it was a rather windy day. I didn't mean to be looking at all their sun-don't-shines but when I realized what I was looking at the first time... I couldn't help but look at every other "Native American" (in quotes, bc I think they were just in character rather than actual Native American descendants)  man's hind end that passed me wondering if they really were walking around a family festival with nothing but a butt flap on under those longer shirts and above their deer skin leg covers. I mentioned it to Ry and you'd be right in guessing that he was walkin' around checkin them out too.

Highlight of our trip; the Juggling show. H I L A R I O U S as well as impressive. They had a lot of quips that, yes, were rehearsed but were funny nonetheless. Aayla was slightly entertained--see first picture. Ameira was incredibly entertained... by climbing onto the bench, standing on it, sitting down... and repeat. Ryan and I were laughing pretty hard. My face hurt. The pictures are of them doing a 6 club juggle with a woman in the middle, one of the "brothers" (if they actually are) standing on the other and both of them juggling KNIVES. I was really impressed he could even stand up there... flashbacks to being a flyer on the JV cheerleading team and the most complicated flying I ever did was sit on a girl's shoulders.

Then we saw Ry off to work and headed out to grab dinner. I brought all three kids into Panera with me, ordered, got the food, got it all going... and then realized that I just did something I'd been dreading; restaurant with all three by myself. It was a piece of cake. Everyone behaved. It was no big deal; hence me realizing it as an afterthought. We brought Ry some dinner at work and he repaid us with a ride around the block in the fire truck. They usually do a run to make sure everything is running well at least once during a shift and so he let us tag along. Happy girls. Asher didn't care.

Nice cold summer day. Happy Strawberry Season!

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