Friday, May 13, 2011

Chaos I Wouldn't Change. Or Would I?

Made granola. Fed Asher. Fed the girls the granola. Cleaned kitchen. Put together our new deck table. "Got real mad" at Ameira and ended up putting her down for a nap at 10 am. Fed Asher. Did 5 loads of laundry. Played on the swing set with the girls. Hung the diapers out in the sun to fade the poop stains (and holy moly I'm amazed at how well the sun bleaches... not surprised, but amazed). Made baked potatoes and sauted asparagus for lunch (which was welcomed and eaten out on the new outdoor table by both Little and Littler Enlow). Didn't clean kitchen.Yelled at Ameira some more because of the incessant whining. Felt really bad about my body, said enough is enough, and went directly inside to buy two sundresses online that cost WAY TOO MUCH so I won't have to wear shorts this summer. Don't tempt me; I WILL wear them every other day and end up wearing them out by the end of summer if I have to. Fed Asher. Ordered a preschool enrollment packet so I can sign Ace up before it's filled. Ordered another copy of every card except my driver license because Littler Enlow has entered "Let's hide everything or throw it away, whichever seems like it'd make mom most crazy" phase. I KNOW I brought my wallet inside. I have verified there aren't extra purchases being made... so I just ordered a second copy of everything. Sent the girls outside to "shop" for items in the yard. Woke up Ryan. Made a plan for dinner. Yelled at Ameira some more because of the finger-nails-on-a-chalkboard whining. Tried to pick up the house. Talked Ryan into running to the store for some spinach. Cried a little because of Ameira's whining. Helped weed the garden. Planted 20 Zinnias. Watched the girls play in the kid pool. Mourned the loss of Pastor Doug (the Chicken). Decided it was time to let the asparagus have the season off. Fed Asher. Yelled at Ameira some more for whining. Stared at the kitchen while wishing it'd clean itself for a change.

Made plans to:
  • Pull out the starts from the basement and start hardening them off so I can plant them in a couple days.
  • Plant hostas in the planter boxes on the deck to shade out the weeds and therefore cut down on all weeding. 
  • Turn one of the corner boxes into a sandbox. Need to figure out how to cover one of them so my kids don't end up making sand castles of neighborhood cat poop.
  • Pick strawberries alone so I can pick just about 20 pounds to dry, jam, and freeze some in a couple weeks.
  • Have some friends over Monday night for dinner.
If I hear any more whining from Littler Enlow I'm going to go jump off a cliff. I know she's tired because she woke up so many times last night. I know she's itchy because of those black gnat bites she got at my mom's yesterday. I know she's on the brink of some amazing new skill that is frustrating the crap out of her. but oh the whining. I may fit into my regular pant size again, and I may be the right weight but I'm really hating my post-baby body. Keep your, "but you just had a baby" comments to yourself. I'm aware of it and I'm aware that I'm being hard on myself, but it's hard to remember to feel pretty sometimes. I'm pretty sure the only times I have sat down were feeding Asher for 15 minutes each time and ordering sundresses. Even though I have all these things bugging me... I can still step back and be so utterly and completely overwhelmed by how much I adore my kids. Every infuriating, obnoxious and "making-me-bash-my-head-into-a-wall" thing about them... because really? I wouldn't have it any other way. I watched Ameira waddle around in her binkini with her dimpled buns hanging out about 5 minutes after I yelled, "AMEIRA. STOP. WHINING." and thought, "ahhh, I'm going to miss this."

At this exact moment, Acey is saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom." oh wait.... a few more, "Mom. Mom. Mom. I. Love. You." And she is holding up her fingers in the "I Love You" sign that I taught her yesterday. Obnoxious... but it melts my heart.

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