Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

These kids keep me hopping, but I want to make a record in the way that I make records (blog) as to what life is currently like.

--I just looked over at the girls laughing together on the couch. Moo has a handful of hair she just yanked out of Acey's head.

  • Is reading. Not kidding. She has been putting together really simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like fix, hit, mit, kit, dad, mad, sad, hop, run, sun, fun. She is so proud of herself and so am I. We do it when she wants to and stop when she starts to get distracted. I'm taking my Father-in-law's advice of, "Stop while everyone is still having fun." She's getting long and leggy. She broke the 30 pound mark finally... and then lost 4 pounds when I stopped fighting with her to eat. I took back up the fight and she gained it all back plus one. She is out of the battle of the wills stage (which I think is supposed to be the hard part about 3 year olds) but now we're getting into lying, tattling, and dealing with her trying to understand her emotions.

  • Moo hasn't worn a diaper to bed in the past two weeks. I have done an emergency changing of the sheets only once. We were waking to take her potty at night since we were waking with Asher anyway. She has now taken over that role and will wake herself and tell us. Ryan still takes her potty around 6:30 am when he gets home... which makes me getting up quickly in the morning a little less dire. We have consistently taken her out in public in regular clothes and regular panties. No more training pants. It's just a "don't look back" type of situation. Yes, she's had accidents, and yes I cleaned poop off the floor of every stinkin' room of our house the other day because she took herself to the bathroom, didn't announce it with her regular "poopy! poopy!", and then got off the toilet with it all over her bottom... then she played! Kids are not for the faint of heart.
  • Her tubes are still snuggly in place... almost 3/4 of a year since her last ear infection. She's still a wheezing mess when she gets a minor cold, but I think even that is getting better.
  • She's n a u g h t y. It's funny so its hard to remember to be consistent with her. 
  • She whines and cries for just about everything because she is frustrated with not being able to physically do something.
  • She is so tender and compassionate to her siblings. Ace is very aware of how everyone feels, but Ameira will sit and feel what you are feeling. She will console you. She may be a bull in a china shop, but she's sweet.
  • Words
    • Happy. We'll hear, "Ahh-pee, ahh-pee, ahh-pee" which means she is happy, happy, happy. :)
    • Excuse Me. "Me-Me" but it sounds more like it has a bme bme sound to it. She says it appropriately when she toots, burps, or when she just needs you to move out of her way.
    • the obvious ones: mama, dada, ball, 
    • Cookie. "coooooookie" said with a devilish grin.
    • Come. Vigorously beckoning you with her hand followed by a very bossy sounding, "Kahm." Usually to get her a cookie.
    • A bunch more that I can't remember right now. :) I'll try to pay attn to get it recorded for her baby book. (which is why I'm posting all of this. It's easier to record it and then come back through and glean it all).
  • Asher did his own thing for most of the first 4 weeks; and he mostly chose to eat and then sleep. He woke every 2 hours through the night to eat but would go about 3 hours during the day. Sometime around 6 week mark I decided to get back on the Babywise train with him. I coaxed him into staying awake a little longer after he ate (which he was already showing signs of wanting to do) and then starting to get his naps in a pattern. I think it's easier for first born kids to do this because I think their bodies naturally want to be in an eat, awake, sleep pattern... but they don't have to be interrupted by older (louder) siblings or by a parent that needs to leave the house so the older children don't self destruct. So now he's on a really good napping pattern, doing one 5-6 hour stretch between eating, and then 3 hours during the day--unless he's in a growth spurt. 
  • He was 16.5 pounds at his 2 month check up, which is craaaaaazy big. I'm sending out his 3-6 month clothes because they are too tight on him. His 6-9 month clothes are also starting to get a little snug. He's so laid back and enjoyable. He's just along for the ride. 
  • I put Asher in the johnny jump up a couple days ago because he's starting to get tired of sitting in the bouncy seat all day. He loves it. He's not jumping, but at least he's in the standing position... and he can barf till his heart is content. He barfs a LOT. More than Ameira did... and she had reflux. He isn't fussy with his barfing so the doctor says we're going to label him a "happy spitter" and leave him alone. 
  •  He's already battled a round of RSV and used the nebulizer. Looks like we'll have another child with a "weak respiratory system."
  • He smiles a LOT. His first smile was at the hospital to one of my pastors... Ryan wasn't even there. Tim picked him up and said something to him... and he smiled REALLY big. Stinker. First laugh was about 2 weeks ago.
  • He poops in every single diaper... and when he doesn't I know something is wrong. Like when I left him with Alissa for the night and told her to just give him formula. He was so fussy and constipated we gave him a glycerin suppository. He pooped in about 5 minutes and went right back to pooping in every diaper. I'm going to get confused when that changes soon. I'm pretty sure that can't last forever. I hope.
Food Experiment
  • Our milk share went up to 3 gallons a week and so Ry made mozzarella. It was AMAZING. Next time he said he's going to roll the ball into small sticks for string cheese. It's about 4 dollars cheaper to do it with our cow share milk than it is to buy from the store!! Extra bonus: it cuts down on all that packaging.
  • I have tried over and over again to make homemade butter from our cream. I just don't like it. I think I'll have to get used to it. I'm used to our storebrand butter that smells like nothing... well, maybe smells a little sweet if anything, but mostly smells like nothing. I'm not used to the milk solids smell of it or that same taste when it's smeared on toast. I may just have to get better at making it. I still make it (and throw away the butter) to get the buttermilk for pancakes, scones, muffins, etc. Yum.
  • Homemade yogurt & berry popsicles. Yum.
  • Asparagus came up and we picked our first load May 1. We've picked it just about every other day since then and had enough for a meal each time. Yum.
  • Next thing I'm directing my attn to is buying bulk grains and milling them myself. If I'm serious about this bread thing, flour is expensive when I buy it in the 5 pound bags. So we'll see. We're a long way off from that especially since we have ONE MONTH until strawberry season. I am so glad that I haven't waited until everything is perfect before changing our habits. I know now how much dried fruit we really would go through. Which means, despite planting our own strawberries this year, I'm still going out strawberry picking. Jam, frozen, and dried. Lots and lots and lots of strawberry will be needed.

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