Sunday, February 13, 2011


Patience is not my strong suit.

I'm waiting for this baby to get out already. I am nervous when Ry isn't home because if I stop moving, I might not get started again. Which means, I might end up sleeping on the couch. That's not such a bad thing, if it weren't for my hips and pelvis issues. I think if I slept on the couch I'd be screwed for the next day. So, I only sit on the couch when Ry is home. Literally. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow. My appointments are weekly and on Thursdays so I'm going to ask this week if I can go in the following week (week 38). I really can't function anymore in the evenings to take care of the girls. If I can make it to February 20 then Ryan's vacation will still coincide nicely with the dates that his parents are flying out here. It makes me cry to think about going until March 3. If one more person tells me it is all in God's timing or that the baby will come when the baby is ready... they will get a punch to the face. Yes, I understand and accept it but you can just keep it to yourself because I CANNOT FUNCTION.

I'm also waiting for us to get our taxes done. Ryan's friend does them every year and I'm excited to get it out of the way before the baby gets here. Worst case scenario is that Ry gathers the information from the cheat sheet I've already pulled together once we are back home. And really? That is not a big deal because the hard part of finding documents, dinkin' around with numbers, and organizing the documents are done. The refund is going to painting the house this summer and the rest is going straight to our piggy back loan so its not like I'm in a huge hurry to get it back. His friend is seriously a life saver. I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to do our taxes because Ry doesn't pay into social security but rather a govn't employee retirement thingy... and both years I did our taxes I put 0 in that amount and we had to pay a few thousand dollars. To know that someone is doing them for us is WELL worth the wait. There isn't much a wait either once we get our information to him; its just on my mind.

I'm also waiting for us to get out of this darn piggy back loan. The interest rate is high compared to what is being offered now. We are on one income and we do well, however we haven't really had the opportunity to throw large chunks of money at it... so its still this looming giant hovering over our head. However, I have become my father and found myself (during my large amounts of "needing to sit" time) playing with the numbers. We looked into refinancing our house, but oddly enough... it doesn't make sense for us to do it. We'd be farther behind financially than if we were to just get out from under this darn loan. Summer 2013 baby. There will be some major strictness regarding our budget from now until then (and even a little after that while we build the down payment category). I'm excited (right now) for the challenge. That means if the gas category is at 0... the van doesn't go anywhere unless it is a necessity. That means there is a temporary hiatus on all spending money until our spending accounts are black again. Darn it. Haircuts are the only exception.

I'm waiting to be the family that we are going to be as 5. I'm waiting to get out of this house. I'm waiting to start our dream. However... patience.

In other news... Ameira has hit her 18 month language explosion. And she loves to make Acey belly laugh. It makes for a great combination. "Uh-oh", "cup", "bye-bye", "potty", "poopy", "potty", "pee-pee", "ummmm" with an adorable shoulder shrug and the international hand sign for "I don't know." These are the ones that came out just this week. When asked why she was put in timeout, she shrugged, held out her up-turned hands, and said, "ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmm." :) I love that girl.

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