Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Happenings at the End of a Pregnancy.

Starting to squirrel away food for post-delivery. Now that I've got the system down for bread I decided that I'm going double the recipe each week and freeze half of the dough (in the early stages, but after all the mixing and kneading) in one loaf sizes so that Ry can let it rise and cook it up each week I'm out of commission. I made a few pie crusts to use with the chicken pot pie filling. I have been waiting to use up the last of that Crisco for the shells. I know its probably not as disgusting as I think it is, but making frosting for my wedding cake absolutely grossed me out and I will forever equate crisco and frosting made from crisco as absolutely disgusting. (side note; oddly enough the frosting on my wedding cake was really good... but I still get the heebie-jeebies) I'm too cheap, so don't even ask why I didn't just throw it away. Now maybe I'll get up the courage to go buy some lard from the local organic farmers. I know she sells it. I know how much it is and its not that much. I know of a handful of recipes to use it in and a bunch of places to substitute it in. I know its a natural fat and therefore better for you than vegetable oil. (which seems like it should be a natural fat judging by the name.) I just have to work up the guts to actually buy it... and use it.

I like cooking with Moo. She stands there and pokes her fingers in anything you are making... and then eats it. She stood by me today while I was rolling out the pie crust. She was eating straight up flour. Plain. Powdery. Yuck. She will eat anything she can touch while standing at the counter. I gave her some actual dough to sample so she doesn't get a warped view of what is good food. It makes me happy to spend time with her while being productive; which is what I think the tug-of-war is about being a stay-at-home-mom. So much needs to be done that its quite easy to go an entire day without spending quality time with your kids. What? It needs to be done... but really it isn't an excuse. If I really wanted to pretend my kids weren't there for a portion of the day, why not just put them in daycare? I'm 100% positive that some daycare kids get more quality time from their parents (OBVIOUSLY most daycare kids get more quality time with an adult because its set up to be a program and that is what parents are paying for, that goes without saying). I don't want that to be true about me. Its just hard to remember that when a bunch of tasks seem to swallow my day.

In other random, random news from these parts. Ace has a massive swollen gland on the side of her neck. It just BAM! appeared after her nap Wednesday. It was almost to her ear and halfway down her jaw; yes, that big. We took her to the doctor on our way to pick out a new sink and the doctor said its probably nothing, but gave us a prescription to fill for antibiotics incase it got bigger, turned red, became painful, or she spiked a fever. She spiked a fever last night so I just started the antibiotics. It creeps me out. It really creeps me out. Today it is past her ear and almost to her chin... and it feels like two lumps instead of one. Its so weird seeing her pretty little face and then this ginormous mass on her neck. I hope it goes away with the antibiotics so we know it was just an infection... because I'm going to feel like a real class "A" jerk if its more serious. Strangest thing ever.

I'm slowing down. I'm fat. I could barely get off the couch last night because I had slipped earlier in the day and felt like my pelvic bone had split in two... or completely fallen off my body. This is the most ridiculous pregnancy as far as these stupid aches and pains go. I couldn't even move my legs apart to take a tiny step. Ryan literally lifted me off the couch. He was going to give me a piggy back ride in to bed but we quickly realized that it painfully plastered Asher up against his back. I asked if he could just drag me in by my shoulders but he opted to push me in the computer chair. haha oh geez. What a sexy sight I was. I couldn't even stand up because it put uneven pressure on my pelvis and it felt like it was ripping all over again. Ridiculous huh? So he lifted me to a standing position, helped me sit back on the bed, stood on the bed behind me... and drug me up to my pillow. BAHAHAHA. I was bawling my head off because of the pain, but even I started laughing uncontrollably because it really was just that ridiculous. This morning it was a lot better so I could go about my day. I've been sitting (while being productive) a lot just in case. Tonight I plan to put the girls to bed and sit to watch hulu... but you can bet I'm going to be prepared to sleep on the couch before I sit down. Just. In. Case.

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