Friday, January 7, 2011

Comfortable Love

This is how you know you are loved... no matter what.

Me: calling Ryan at work to check in because I know its somewhat close to the time he stops to eat something, "Hey hun, are you busy?" (which is what I've learned to ask right off the bat).

Ryan: "Yes... urr... no. No. Hey, can I call you back? There is about to be a shoot out..." I gasp and start praying silently that my husband will come home to us tomorrow morning, horrifying possibilities running through my head. BUT he continues, "... on TV. On this western. Oh they're going to shoot it out. Call you back." (Just as a disclaimer, he was station duty--which is the fire and medical responsibilities-- tonight AND was on lunch break. He doesn't just sit and watch TV at work.)

Me: All kinds of pressure released, "Uh. Yes. Yes, call me back. Bye." Shaking my head in relief and scoffing at myself that I fell for it.
The fact that he knows he can tell me that he wants to quick watch a part in a western movie makes me giggle... because that is real, comfortable, honest love. haha And he was advised to put the word television before the word shootout next time. ;)

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