Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Miss My Best Friend

this has been drafted for about a month and a half and I've decided to just post these. So they might all appear on today's date.

Ry is hunting. In Wyoming for antelope. It is easy to not resent him for it this time because I feel like he is fully aware that by "letting him go" I take on more responsibility and I'm doing it because I love him and not because I am just trying to not make waves. In the past it has been a source of contention because I would be "fine" with "letting him go" but the second it became hard I would line up all my reasons why I fell into the class of Martyr. That would in turn make him miserable. Which would then make me more miserable. Etc. Etc.Classy wife, huh? Easy to live with, huh? Yea, I feel like an idiot.

Anyway, so here is the beginning of my "Things that make me miss and appreciate Ryan."
  • He makes the bed every single day not because he cares but because he knows that at the end of a long day, I love to crawl into a bed that is neatly made.
  • He takes the trash out before I even realize it needs to be done. I will sometimes put the trash on the back porch because it stinks and it still has room (and I'm so darn cheap I don't want to waste space in the bag). But MAGICALLY it just empties itself into the dumpster. Weird, right?
  • He hugs me just about every time he passes me; touch is his love language. Touch may not be my primary love language, but man I miss his hugs and its only been three days. (well, 2.5)
  • He talks. And listens.

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