Friday, August 13, 2010

Dates Never Turn Out Quite Right

Date night with Ryan. We went up to Muskegon Lake on the sailboat. This is Ry rowing us out to the mooring... and this is me swimming after the row boat because apparently I don't know how to tie a know to save my life.

Ry was working on getting the boat going and I hooked the loop onto the mooring and went to sit on my butt. A few minutes later Ryan pointed at the row boat and said, "hey!" I thought, what? Its the rowboat? We rowed that out here, remember?? OH WAIT! I didn't have my suit on yet, so I had to do a Clark Kent change and jump in. I don't really swim all that well. I can tread, doggy paddle, and float on my back. Need to work on that.

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