Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSA & State of the Garden: July 14

Monday was the first day of our CSA (what is a CSA?). It was open from 2pm until 7pm and it worked out for me to go by myself while the girls napped and Ryan started his long process of waking. We signed up for a whole share which was two bags of produce. Each bag contained 2 cucumbers, 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, 2 big handfuls of kale, 1 of what I think is patty pan squash, about a pound of a mix of green beans and a yellow bean with purple seeds. I haven't figured out the variety yet though.

Standing in line to get the weekly produce they had this gigantic TURKEY. (picture stolen from the Peach Ridge Farms' facebook photo album) I have never stood that close to a turkey in my life and couldn't help feeling a mix of curiosity and fear. I tried not to run away because there was a little girl around four that wasn't running away. If she wasn't going to be a baby then neither was I. (but if she would have so much as stepped behind her mom I would have called Uncle.) So bizarre. And that weird little hairy tassle that hangs down in front... what the heck is that all about?? Turkeys are curiously ugly things.

So, besides getting the CSA food we are starting to haul in the booty from our garden. The cucumbers are starting to set little tiny cucumbers. Two days ago I spied our very first bean that was big enough to harvest. Looking a little harder turned up about a pound of tender, perfect green bush beans. I harvested again today and got another pound. This pound was snapped, blanched, weighed (13 oz), and put in the freezer.    

The asparagus is still feathering out but we're getting thicker and thicker new shoots coming in. Its really hard not to harvest them, but I'm learning that patience is everything with gardening.

We are supposed to be letting the strawberries develop their roots but we decided that we would let two of the plants flower at will... and that means sneaking some fruit. Ryan came in with our first red strawberry today. Just the two plants alone have about 20 fruits on them. I can help but feel excited. The roots will catch up, I'm sure. What did I say about patience? Nothing. Just look at it. It was so incredibly juicy and a lot sweeter than the strawberries I picked earlier in June at the strawberry farm.

In other less visual news, the first bunch of corn should be ready to pick in about 6 days. We're getting about two ears on each stalk in the first couple rows. We bought some corn to use with the CSA food this week. We'll see if we have to buy it again. Hopefully not. It is so satisfying to grow your own food.

And just for the fun of it, here are some pictures of my little rascals. Ameira is dirty from the meal. Instead of cleaning her up I decided to catch her funny expressions first. Don't judge.

Chasing Auntie Cass who was trying to talk on the phone.

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