Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Adventures and Misadventures of Us

So... Ameira doesn't have her top front tooth anymore. She's 8 months old. Yesterday I heard this non-alarming cry that seems like she was hurt, so I hurried to check it out... but not a "priority one" kind of hurry. I saw her laying on her back and put two and two together. She had been standing at the coffee table a second before... and now she was laying on the floor right next to the coffee table. My assumption was she fell. (Genius right?) I went to pick her up and noticed she had something white in her mouth, assumed it was a paper, fished it out... and HolyCrapThatIsNotPaperWhatTheCrapIsThat??? I had to do a couple double-takes because it was her little tooth, root and all. I assume she bumped it on her fall. Not much blood, after I picked her up she stopped crying and began smiling. I'm really good at staying calm... until I'm no longer the person in charge. I brought her into Ryan, handed her off, told him rather quickly what happened, told him to fix her, and then proceeded to sit on our couch to calmly cry hysterically and hyperventilate. After a minute of his "gentle urgings" to get it together I picked up the phone and called her pediatrician. She doesn't have a dentist because she barely has teeth, so I didn't know what to do. The receptionist said to put it in milk and she'd go ask the doctor. When she came back she said to call our dentist, and then she did that disbelieving almost laugh sound and said, "holy cow." I was with her. Geez.

Who knocks out their tooth by the root?!? AND... doesn't seem to care?!? What. The. Heck. I've always known that Ameira was a tough cookie, but geez.

Dentist said that she's fine and that most likely her adult teeth "buds" are so far up that it won't make a difference. She probably wasn't in pain because her bones are so soft right now. She'll just have a little gap there for a while. I honestly don't think that is a big deal. I have a couple best friends growing up that didn't have their front teeth. Granted, it was both of their front top teeth... but I didn't for a second consider that it would make her weird. Almost everyone that we tell comments that its a shame. I can understand that a little, but its not like she's going to be applying for jobs with a big front gap. I have a hunch its going to be adorable and go right along with her endearing personality. If she already looked like she'd been hit by the ugly stick, I'd be sad (maybe for more reasons than just her tooth)... but she's got a lot going for her that I'm confident that it will be cute.

Now we really need that farm to go with Ameira's missing tooth.

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