Saturday, June 12, 2010

Target never fails to be entertaining.

Amazing day at Target. this guy took 5 years to glue all this on.

right next to me there were like 8 ppl around a car. I asked the woman sitting in the car next to me if she was waiting for me to get out of there. She said they were waiting for the cops or the owner of the dog to come. Someone had left their dog in the car for what she said was over an hour. Which i'm not sure i believe bc i was only in target for a half hour and i didn't notice her or the dog. Its 84 degrees and super humid. The dog was panting really hard. I don't own a dog. But i'd imagine if i did all the news stories about people getting in trougble for doing things like that would make me think twice before I did that. So i hope her dog is ok. I hope she didn't do anything stupid. I hope her day isn't wrecked.

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