Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Along Those Lines

I firmly believe that kids will be as flexible as you give them opportunity to be. Want to create a great traveler? Make sure you aren't their constant source of entertainment and they will most likely learn to entertain themselves (to a small extent). Want to create a kid that is able to go camping? Take them camping and show them how fun it can be.

My kids were dirty but they were mostly happy. By dirty I mean dirty. I quit changing Aayla's clothes because she was constantly so dirty that I realized if I put clean clothes on her it would literally be about a half hour and she'd look just as dirty as the other set of clothes. Who wants to do more laundry? Not I said the goat. I'd rather scrub stains out of one outfit than three. Call me lazy if you want, I call it downright practical. Her bathing suit was a second hand bathing suit but it was still really cute. It was white with pink and darker pink little cherries on it. It looked grey about four hours into play time.Oh well. I pay more for a pop than I did for that suit.

The girls behaved just as well if not better than they do at home. Wake time was close to 6am and Bedtime was close to 10 pm... but you can't win 'em all. There were plenty of naps during the afternoon to balance it out. Side note: naptimes also worked in my favor for my "use as little sunscreen as possibly" trick. During the prime sun hours my girls were sleeping away in the shade. Acey had a few more time outs than normal, but they were without drama or large amounts of conflict. In general, on the first offense she was called out and sent to the time-out spot in a regular voice. I didn't wait for anything to become a huge problem (most of the time) and I refused to battle with her. We're both human, so I can't say that I didn't get frustrated a handful of times in there. She does her time, says her sorries, and goes on her merry way. So far its all been working and she seems to be a rather obedient two-year-old; emphasis on the two-year-old part. I think the hardest things to deal with were the constant talking (which for the record is just a preference not a disobedience issue) and the sheer number of "huh"s and "why"s. I gave her a little bit longer leash with some things... it was her vacation too. If she wants to play in the boat or with things that aren't exactly toys... as long as they couldn't burn her or impale her... whats the harm? You can't constantly tell her "no. no. no. no." and expect her to not act out. For the record, the sand in our tent thing... it drove me batty.

It was by far not the most relaxing trip I'd been on, but it beat staying home even if I was mostly solo-parenting for a week. I'd do it any day. I didn't get in any "joy riding" in the canoe but I did (sort of) swim and play in the water. It was perfect enough.

There were so many great lines from Aayla. It was unbelievable the way her mind was working. Camping was not a verb, it was a noun. The camping. At the camping. It made me smile every time. These are gleaned from texts that Ryan and I sent to each other. I missed a lot of other ones, but it'll be okay.
  • I told Acey I had to go (meaning 'go over here') and she started yelling at the top of her lungs, "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Keep er pants dry, mama! Keep er pants dry! Go, Mama, go!"
  • Me: "Acey, look! There is a butterfly right next to you." She looks around really quick and raises her plastic shovel... "Where he go? I'm going to HIT him."
  • A bird chirped from the trees. Aayla: "Whats dat?" Me: "A bird." Long pause. "That's NOT a bird, mama. Its quacking!"
  • "Sorry, Mama. It was an axcellant."
  • I put Ameira in the backpack carrier and set it up (away from the fire) so I could get the fire started. She did something and the backpack fell forward onto Ameira's face. Acey look at me with that "tsk" sound and raised eyebrows and said, "Meirsy got camping on er face."
  • I had the girls in the tent playing together while I was putting the campsite to bed. All of the sudden I heard, "Moo-moo. Stop. I said get back-ear. I told you I needed to change er pants so be PATIENT." I got a little nervous and peeked in only to find Aayla had taken off Ameira's diaper and was wiping her with my t-shirt. Ameira obviously wasn't cooperating for the diaper change.
  • The girls looked so cute sleeping next to each other. Ameira would roll over in her sleep until she was touching Aayla. Every once in a while Aayla would roll over to Ameira and try to put her heavy little head up on Ameira's belly.
  • On the way out Aayla started sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and caught a glimpse of her in the rearview mirror. She was frantically touching her face. I asked her again what was wrong and she said, "I can't find my eyebrows!! I sink I weft them at the camping!!" :: more soooooobbing:: Haha I told her I thought they were in the bag and we'd get them later. ;)
  • Sobbing: "Mama! I jest want to live inna camping wif you and daddy and meirsies. Ok? Ok!?"
  • "Look, Meira!! My middle finger!"
  • After we were home: "Hey Mama?" "Yes, Ace?" "You need a pop?" "ummm... sure?" In she walks with a pop (homemade in a beer bottle and capped) and a bottle opener. I thought she was just being nice and I was really surprised that she rememebered the opener. I took a swig and she said, "now you need to share, Mama." She held out her hand and cocked her hip. haha.

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