Friday, June 18, 2010

Impatience and a Two-Year-Old... Not a Good Combination.

Some day are better than others. Some days I can control myself a whole lot better than others. Other days, I'm not the mom that I want to be. I am quick to anger, quick to speak sharply, and quick to lose anything that even closely resembles patience.

Yesterday evening I noticed that Ameira felt warm while we were at my mom's house. There was some hoopla about finding a thermometer that worked properly and then finding some baby medication. Warm was a temperature of 101. Ryan ended up driving home to deliver some baby tylenol & ibuprofen around 2am. There was a little tension about this, but suffice it to say I've already done the getting the kids up in the middle of the night for an emergency; I was not about to do it again with two miserable, sick kids when I had another option (even a not very likely one). We're getting better about meeting in the middle.

I have not forgotten how miserable fevers are.

Sick kids; both feverish, both noses running, both coughing... Ameira is still as pleasant as can be. Freak-child. She's so darn happy and content; even with a fever. There's a whole lot of whining going on in these here parts though. Nothing makes me batty like whining. One particular conversation with Aayla went like this,

Slight whine, but nothing too bad: "Can I run on the sprink-wer?"
"Maybe, lets get it hooked up."
 Full out sobbing, "I don't wanna hooked it up."
"Okay, then I'll hook it up."
"I don't wanna you hook it up!"
"Okay, if neither of us hooks it up, then it won't work and you can't run through it."
Kicking and screaming, "Why!?!?! I WANT TO RUN THROUGH THE SPRINKLER."
"Okay, let me hook it up and you can run through it."
"Okay, don't."

BAHHH. There was a whole lot of "quiet time" given today. I tried really, really hard to cut her some slack, but even I had to take some time-outs. Bless Ryan, he got up on-time [or what he knows I consider on-time] and gave me a break. I went out and weeded and just listened to the chickens complaining. Chickens are a lot easier to handle when they whine then a two year old.

Whats not easy to handle in the garden? When your fabulous two year old picks all the green off the growing carrots and feeds them to the chickens. Someday I will laugh about that. Not today, folks. Not today.

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