Monday, June 7, 2010

D Day is Coming. Duck Day that is.

Killing cone is (roughly) assembled. Notes have been taken on the subject. Warning was given to my parents that we would be using their unused pasture on Wednesday. Forgiveness has been extended to our newest fine feathered friends. I will do my part to make sure their last 2 days of life will be pleasant. I didn't swat at them for sneaking in a few pecks at my tomato bush; I considered my actions similar to extending them an olive branch.

Here is to our first down and dirty "homesteading" experience. I am going to try and do the killing and the plucking, but I think Ry is going to have to do the "inside job." I'm not up for it. Maybe if I watch him once I'll know better if I can do it.

I'm really glad we never got around to naming these ducks in their short (but entirely too long for my cucumbers' sakes) 7 week life.

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