Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Mac's on the Monkey Bars Should Wear Some Suspenders.

Acey decided we should "go somewhere" tonight after Daddy went in for an overtime shift. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk, ride her bike, or ride in the bike trailer while I biked us somewhere. The destination was already set since I had some books on hold at the library that would be sent back if I didn't pick them up today. She said she wanted me to bike Ameira in the trailer and she would ride her trike. It was not a good idea for so many reasons; but that's not what I want to write about today.

We "biked" (or she biked and I walked my bike because going that slow is basically impossible) to the library with the adjoining park. I got my books and we headed to the park so she could burn some energy. There were about seven kids there including my own. Four of those kids were so over weight that their stomachs hung out from under their shirts, their feet looked like they were overpronating, and their butt cracks were hanging out. I've never given the whole "childhood obesity problem" of America much thought until now. We've been spending a lot of time at the local gravel-pit-turned-awesome-park/beach/splashpad and I can't help but notice all the kids (who I would peg for being under ten) that are more than just "baby fat."

It makes me really, really sad. It makes me want to try extra hard to feed Aayla vegetables. Having her help in the garden I think is starting to work. She really hasn't ever been a picky eater, but I think it still helps. As long as she knows what it is, she'll usually eat it. If she holds up her food with her nose turned up, I know that I just have to say, "Its a carrot and there is a pea... and there is a piece of chicken." She'll generally eat it.

Yes we still hit up McDonalds more than I care to admit, but its more the exception than the rule. She still announces every time we leave the grocery store that she needs a hamburger or chicken nuggets (just caught that instead of "nuggets" I wrote "nuts" hahaha now that's just funny. Good thing I read this through before I post)... or "bow-f of dem" because that is generally the time that I push her too far past naptime and WeJustNeedToGetHome HolyCRAP StopWhiningEatThis TheSecondWeAreHomeYouWillBeInBedWhew. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

I know we're all not perfect parents, and I'm learning to be less judgmental about other people's choices. Just because a kid is fat doesn't mean that they have parents that are spoon feeding them soda and Big Macs. However, I'm starting to believe that maybe it really is a problem (duh) and maybe making deliberate steps to educate my kids really is a bigger deal than I assumed.

Its starts with me though. Darn it. Someday I'll give up pop or maybe even white sugar in general. Who knows. Hell might freeze over.

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