Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Little Step Forward.

I am very happy with our little garden. I spotted our first red raspberry sitting gingerly on it's cane yesterday. I fought the urge to pluck it and pop it in my mouth. I really, really struggle with patience. "Farming" is all about patience I'm learning. The potatoes are starting to flower, which I know I have already mentioned means that it is almost new potato season. The pole bean runners have slipped silently up to the top of their supports and will start flowering out any day now, I just know it. We have a ton of bell pepper flowers and one or two that are already becoming fruits. I've never harvested a single pepper, so this is a good sign. All the green tomatoes make my mouth water in anticipation.

I should be happy. I am happy. Do you know what gives me the urgency to keep going in this pursuit of more self-sufficiency? Books. I should really stop reading. They make it sound so simple and romantic. I want a beehive now. It will be a while; mostly because the setup costs money and there are things that I'd rather spend our money on (LIKE A NEW CAMERA). I read this book called Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. Reading through some of the things that she labels as easy I become suspicious. However, I think I can do bees after reading her experience with the chickens. Chickens were and continue to be rather easy farm pets; easier than what I believe her experience was. If the hardest part about bees is the setup... I can do it. Commence researching beekeeping... or whatever the correct term is.

Current skills I'm trying to master...
  • Make a GOOD loaf of 100% (no white flour) Whole Wheat sandwich bread. (still failing miserably. I can make a killer 100% white loaf, no problem. Darn it.) 
  • Make crackers.
  • Make granola.
  • Keeping learning guitar (I know, how is that self-sufficiency? Jenna Woginrich declares in her book that it is and I agree. Read the book.)
  • Grow my first fall harvest (ever) from seed.
  • Get through this harvest season and practice harvesting seeds (even though I can't keep them... practice right?)
  • Knit something. Anything except a darn scarf.

My next book to read is called Real Food by Nina Planck. Lets see what kind of raucous this will create in my life. My mom-in-law also sent me a little book called Trowel & Error by Sharon Lovejoy. I'm really enjoying all these "ah-HA! That's how they do it!!" moments. I used a couple of the hints to declare war on the emergence of Japanese Beetles on our raspberries.

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rightbrainedamoeba said... :) My apiary professor ~ a neat little asian man. he might be able to help you out with your bee dreams :)