Thursday, May 6, 2010

State of the Garden Address: May 6

Can't guarantee you'll enjoy this boring post... but let the record show:

So we're a few days early in the planting department. I was going to aim for May 15, but the cucumbers are sending roots through the bottom of their cups so its time for them to get planted. I was then going to wait for May 9... but we're close enough right? Its supposed to freeze this weekend for two nights. I'm on standby with a few clear, cut-off 2-liter pop bottles. See, there is a plus to drinking pop!

Starts planted into the garden:
4 Cucumber (Early Pride Hybrid), 5 Basil (Boxwood), 4 bell peppers, 4 cherry tomatoes (Patio Princess).

Direct seeded into the garden:
Ryan helped me plant 12 rows of 9 corn seeds. I planted beans... and went a little overboard. I figured I'd just fill the space in with beans since we love them and I didn't have plans for anything else in the space. So... 72 plants later... I picked up the remaining 4 feet of seed I had laid on top of the soil and put them back in the bag. I decided to go all willy nilly and plant 2 heads of lettuce in that 4 extra feet. Why not, right? I have NO idea how to grow it but I'm sure I can find it in a book somewhere. Well, we should be all set for beans. I put some oregano seed (10) and cilantro seed (7) in the planter boxes around the deck. As I was watering it all in the neighbors, Bob & Judy, stopped by the deck to see was what going on (and why I was in shorts and a t-shirt when its somewhere in the high 50s). Its painfully obvious that Judy is skeptical about our ability to keep up on everything that was planted. I think we deserve it though, considering we completely gave up on our garden last year and gave it over to the weeds. In our defense it was because the chickens destroyed whatever was planted. Chickens and plants you want to keep don't get a long well. I don't know who's idea it was to house the chickens in the garden (okay, okay, I'll take responsibility).

Previously planted but not up yet: Red & baking Potatoes (which have come up, but were filled back in with a few more inches of dirt per the planting instructions), asparagus (Jersey Knight), and 2 rows of 12 Carrots.

Up and going: 2 rows of 12 Carrots!

Still to plant: More carrots, peas (once I figure out how to trellis them... this was an impulse buy), broccoli & lettuce at the end of the season, and the tomatoes (4th of July, Roma VF, and Fresh Salsa) that have already been started. Also want to seed some daisy, coneflower, lavendar, and columbine seeds. I have some tulip bulbs floating around here somewhere too that I never planted last fall because I was huge that I should probably declare since I like declaring stuff.

I love spring; especially when I'm not exhausted from gestating or post-c-section/brand-spankin-new-baby.

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