Monday, May 24, 2010

State of the Garden Address: May 24

  • Asparagus is making me so happy. Its popping up all over the place and starting to feather out. (I know that use of feather is correct at least). They are all pretty skinny, but I'm content that its par for the course.
  • Strawberries started getting gnawed so Ryan is putting up some chicken wire around the outside edge to keep out the vermin, whoever it may be. Its high enough to keep out animals and children so I think we're safe. Acey loves to help water the strawberries. We give her a bucket filled from the rain barrels and she dips in her watering can and then stands over each and every little strawberry plant and lovingly waters away... until we point out that its going to drown and she should move on.
  • Corn just about every one is up, but Ry noticed that we've lost about eight stalks to something... it is also getting fenced in as I type. (I'm in with the almost asleep, still might need intervention children but will return in a couple seconds.)
  • Raspberries are looking great and right on track to start giving us some little berries in a month-ish. We have about double the canes this year which I'm sure has everything to do with it not getting flooded this year. I originally planted six plants but only the three eastern plants in the E to W row survived due to the flooding. I still need to raise that bed up a few inches.
  • Watermelon seeds have been planted... and should pop through in a week or so. We'll see how that works for us this year.
  • Herbs. So far the oregano, basil, and cilantro are coming up. I can't remember what else I planted but its still hiding. I'm going to try replanting it Wednesday.
  • Peppers are still alive. We lost another one so we're down to three. Don't get upset if you see me sitting in the kitchen doorway with a beebee gun. It can't be rabbits because they can't climb steps... unless they are magic rabbits. If they are magic rabbits I'm pretty sure we're screwed.
  • Potatoes lookin niiiice and healthy.
  • A couple rows of carrots are up and starting to feather (is that what its considered?).
  • The second attempt at cucumbers suffered from a little frost burn, but I don't think its anything they can't bounce back from.
  • Tomatoes are planted and already starting to set flowers. I'm nervous about this because I saw a couple flowers while they were still in the garden store. I am going to look into ripping off those darn flowers and letting it get to growin up instead.
  • Iceberg lettuce has popped through and since I've never done it before... I'm not sure what its supposed to be doing. I'm going to assume its just great.
  • Beans. Oh, my sad, sad beans. If they are not up on Wednesday, I'm going to reseed the entire thing because this is ridiculous. I'd like to pretend that I don't know what went wrong. However, I'm pretty sure I jumped the gun and planted to early and the soil was too cold and therefore the seeds rotted before they could germinate. Oh well. Next year I'm going to hang a sign on my backdoor that says PATIENCE. I will plant them all again because I refuse to have two years in a row without any of my very own garden beans to snack on.
And a little wisdom to put in your back pocket for later: Ducks do not belong in a kiddie pool in your (michigan) basement. No matter what your husband says. They also do not belong in anything that has a floor other than good ol' earth. Gross. Nasty. Disgusting. Dirty birds. They get everything wet (because, hello!! they are ducks) and they poop a lot (because, hello!! they are animals). Wet bedding and poop and a waterproof floor are not happy companions. The ducks have been moved to the garden and are happier. So is this wife... and therefore so is the husband. You live and learn.

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Marissa said...

I want to see pictures!! Especially of the asparagus, I've never seen how that grows!