Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Miss Meirsy Moo

If you were to have told me about four months ago that Ameira would be such a content, happy, quiet child I'm pretty sure I would have smiled politely and immediately written you off. She seemed to scream all. the. time. Now she seems to smile all. the. time. She wakes in the morning and will sound off with a few cries but the second she glimpses your face from her crib (or pack n' play if she was banished there for being too awake and happy at an unacceptably early hour) her chubby little face lights up. She is content to just hang around. She is content to have you hold her all day long, but she doesn't demand it. She doesn't demand anything really. I guess I should make a small disclaimer; when she sees her bottle she begins to act like she's coming off a 40 days fast. Other than that the girl is drama free. Whew.

She has been crawling for a month or so now. It feels like forever, but I'm sure it hasn't been that long. She has been pulling up on things for a few weeks now too and therefore her crib mattress was lowered to the lowest level. With Aayla I would bump it down a level at a time... but what a pain. If its going to end up at the bottom level anyway, then why wait? She is pulling herself up on anything that will hold her (and her EIGHTEEN POUNDS of pure baby fat). She hasn't quite figured out how to sit back down from a stand, so gets a little frustrated from time to time. More often than not she just stands without fussing so long that she collapses from sheer exhaustion and lands... hopefully on her [very cushy] bottom but sometimes, I'll admit it, on her head. Since she doesn't fuss, I don't know she wants help. Poor second kids... nobody cares. I just put her to bed--and by just I mean like an hour and a half ago... me and my sense of time--and she pulled to a stand using the crib toy and stood there "giggling" for like a half an hour. I finally went in there and ended the party, but she's just a happy kid.

The giggling. Its not giggling at all. Its kind of like a guttural sputter type thing. At least she smiles pretty while she does it. I think she gets it from me, sadly.

She has two teeth. I think the picture that I want to hold in my head forever representing "Ameira: my baby girl." is when she sits with her head tilted slightly down, looks up at me with her massive, blue eyes and chews on her finger while smiling. Melts. My. Heart. Ugh.

If I knew they all would end up either carbon copies of her (minus the first month or two) or Acey... I'd have a bazillion children. I've always said I'm not an infant person, and that still stands. Six months, however... I could have a bunch of six month olds. Well, I take that back--if they were carbon copies of either MINUS the activity level of Acey... I could probably do it. Since nothing is guaranteed, we'll probably have just one more... or one more and then an accident. Just kidding.

She does this thing that I don't want to ever forget. When she starts to get tired she likes to rub her face on you. If you let her and then rub your face against her face... she'll smile and return the face rub. It doesn't sound that cute in print, but let me tell you... I want to squeeze her so hard she might pop.

My, oh my, Miss Meirsy Moo... I can't wait to see who you become.

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Jen said...

eek! i love this post :) what an answer to prayer to hear she's a happy little Enlow now instead of an angry little elf. :) awww yay!!