Friday, April 2, 2010

Level-Headed Excitement Returns

I let my excitement about the CSA bubble over and rest at a slow simmer. I did a search for CSAs in our area and found one that is closer (by 45 minutes!!) and less expensive. It also seems like you get more, but obviously I'm not sure on that. With the nature of CSAs they give you your portion whether its a smaller portion because of poor conditions or a larger portion because of outstanding conditions. This place talked about sending you home with an entire bag of tomatoes for canning once the abundance kicked in. They also provide canning classes and a few different festivals, and a u-pick option at no extra charge. So instead of $27 a week its $20 a week... and two weeks longer.

Let the search for kale and bok choy recipes begin. Did I mention I am a recovering picky eater?

I ate onions last night in our dinner that weren't chopped so small they were practically pureed. I'm growing.

I'm also drinking pop again. That didn't last long... yet seemed like a lifetime. I'm going to do another dry spell soon. Eh, progress not perfection.

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