Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Less Crap, Please.

::Big sigh::

So that CSA I applied to was full. Psh. I didn't want to be a part of them anyway. Okay, maybe I did. The good news is that the Sunday after I sent in our check & application there was a write up in the Grand Rapids Press about a different CSA that is actually about 15 minutes from my house... and cheaper. I am not sure what kinds of things they are going to offer, but I've decided to wing it this year and see how it goes. I'm like that I guess. I like to wing things. Lets just see if they accept us. I like to be accepted.

I also got our order from the natural foods co-op through my friend Rose. I made Ace and I some pancakes out of my new cookbook from whole wheat pastry flour and wheat germ, then used real maple syrup on them. I'm not going to lie; they weren't the tastiest thing ever, but I felt a whole lot better feeding them to Aayla. She loves her pancakes and while they are easy (because she doesn't need to be "encouraged" to keep eating AND because Ry preferred the box mix) to make they really aren't that great for you. So all that to say, I feel like I've done something positive for our family... without too much extra work or money... striking a balance I can live with.

Today we're headed to Acey's 2-year checkup then we'll get getting Kirsten for the day. I'm not sure what Bree is up to but we'll have her today and tomorrow (not overnight). Man, she sure doesn't know how to play by the kid-swap-original-rules. Psh. I guess I can live with it since I pretty much owe her my life for taking my kids for days and days at a time while I was sick.

And just for the record. My daughter is walking around stark naked... with big fat purple clip-on earrings. I've got to go find out why she decided to get naked... and where her clothes are. We've got to leave here in 15 minutes. Yikes.

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