Friday, March 26, 2010


I am suspicious of all things my mother didn't do or make me eat while growing up.

With food I have always considered myself a picky eater. Now that I am bored with my recipes (and have been for a while) I'm stretching myself. I usually always think I'm going to hate it. I am pleasantly surprised quite often.

With all these "new" things I'm reading on the internet and at the library, I'm trying to stretch myself. I'm using a homemade recipe for laundry detergent that I found online. If women, at some point in time, could wash their family's laundry without Tide than I can too. I'm not opting to go with the "boiling water, bar of soap, and a full day of nothing else but laundry because its so much work" method. I'll just try the cheaper, homemade recipe and hang them dry. I do find myself inspecting my clothes because I don't quite trust that it cleans that well just yet. They don't SMELL like clothes do when you use commercial detergents. In my head I know that is because there aren't fragrances added. I wonder how long it will take for me to stop expecting my clothes to smell like Tide's "Clean Linen." My mom used to hang our laundry, but then she had to go back to work. Obviously she ran out of time taking care of the rest of us. As a result, I'm less suspicious of line-drying clothes but I'm still just as clueless. I think if someone actually realized what I do and how I do it they would laugh. I will not be dissuaded. I'll figure it out eventually.

The plus side is that the homemade recipe could be considered "natural." Its good for baby laundry because there aren't any chemicals that could irritate their skin. I'm not doing it because I'm opposed to commercial detergent... I'm doing it to save a few pennies and take one more step away from chemicals. I don't know where I draw the line, but this option seems to balance my teeter-totter. Most of my motivation stems from the fact that I'm not compensated if I put in overtime. That's just the nature of this stay-at-home-mom gig. The only way that I can "add to our income" (probably more accurate to say add to our wealth) is to pinch pennies where I can. We aren't in a spot where we have to pinch pennies, but if I can... why shouldn't I? We'll be able to splurge every once in a while on the luxuries that we want a little easier and hopefully I'll be able to instill a work ethic in my kids. Heaven forbid we actually get to build our little dream cabin/farm a little earlier than anticipated. Wouldn't that be awful?

And don't worry. I'll be pinching a ton of pennies now that I am not drinking pop anymore. Whew.

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