Friday, February 26, 2010


I had a hair appointment yesterday to cut my hair. The last time I had a haircut was my birthday--last May. Almost 9 months ago. Should never wait that long again. She had to cut about 3 inches off because it was damaged... and one or two more just for the fun of it. ::sigh:: I feel like a girl again. She left me juuuust enough to squeeze in a pony tail. Feeling pretty after so many months of not is so nice.

Ameira's 4 month checkup was Wednesday. She had her second shot of Rocephin and was given a prescription for Amoxicillan. Both are to help clear up her ear infection. The doctor asked about family history of ear problems and I was able to say that we are seeing the ENT today and Ryan is hoping to get a set of tubes put in his ears. She said that we should probably consider a set for Ameira after this RSV thing clears up for good. Ameira still has a slight rattle in her chest that was audible with the stethoscope. The doctor said the longer we waited on the tubes, the better because the time to really want them in is in the fall. If we put them in now, they will fall out just as fall is beginning. However, if Ameira seems to be in pain then we should just do the tubes sooner rather than later.

Heading out soon to go to the shared appointment at the ENT. Date day at the doctor's office. Soooo Romantic.

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