Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonsillectomy Eve

So tomorrow is the day. My house is somewhat in order. There is jello, pudding, popsicles, and gum in the fridge, freezer, and cupboard respectively. Movies are in the entertainment center. The girls are safely tucked into bed at my sister's and packed up for a full two weeks of being away from the nest. All the laundry in this house is done including what I was wearing when I began the laundry this morning. Meals for Ryan are in single serving containers in the freezer. All is as it should be except directions printed out. I can't eat after midnight. Can't drink after 6:10 am. It takes a half hour to get there, so we're going to give it 45-50 because we'll be heading into downtown Grand Rapids and don't know what morning traffic patterns are normally like. We have to be there at 9:10 am. The surgery begins at 10:10 am. Step, step, step and I'll get through it, recover, get my kids back, get my tooth fixed (or not), bring Ameira to her 4 month appointment, possibly get a haircut (if Rachel has time), have my 2 week check-up, pack our things for Washington, fly out for Erin's wedding... and realize somewhere along the way that it really is all okay. I want time to fly until we arrive in Washington. I want it to CREEP once we're there. Either way, a day is 24 hours and this saga of being sick is just a matter of time. Good and bad... this too shall pass. I'm eating a Trini's burrito as my last meal... dun dun dun... Yum. I never said I wasn't dramatic.

Watched home videos with Ace the other day. She was having a hard time remembering that seeing Beebop & Mema (Grandpa & Grandma) on TV was not like seeing them on Skype. She kept getting frustrated to the point of temper tantrums and crying that they would not respond to her. She kept telling Grandpa, "I'm a Hollander." Of course, he didn't say, "You ARE! You're my Hollander!!" back like he always does. She kept trying to give Mema a cracker... but of course Mema wouldn't take it. Finally, she'd had enough and yelled, "CAN YOU EVEN HEAR ME?!" Sadly, she said it all too clearly because she hears me say it to her... all the time. It was pretty darn funny, but slightly sad. So I would say, "Remember, they can't hear you or see you." every five minutes or so, just in case she became distracted and forgot it wasn't Skype again. Oh to be almost two.

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