Monday, February 15, 2010

Step, Step, Stepping through February.

About to head out the door to go get my baby girl from Bree and take her to the doctor. Apparently she's worse; wheezing and sounding like she is gasping (but Bree says that makes it sound more serious than it sounds in real life). My plan is to see what the doctor says, fully expecting that to be just wait it out, and then hold her and rock her until her heart and my heart are content. I miss my kids. Ameira hasn't known me well. Isn't that weird to think about? The only thing wrong with me currently is this sore throat (ok, and a bit tired since my sleep is all screwed up by alarms telling me to take meds). My body feels healed so I think I can handle this. Ry has tonight and tomorrow night off so if she screams all night long he gets to handle it. I hope he surprises me with his flexibility tonight... and not just in the bedroom ;) Lets leave it at; I'm not sure if he'll be okay with keeping her through the next two nights... but that's what we get for makin' whoopee, folks.

Step, step, step. I'm recovering. I'm starting our packing list for Washington. I'm starting to make plans for two weeks after we get back to go to Ryan's cousin's wedding in Ohio. Step, step, step we're returning to normal... or will be. Praise the Lord for his love. Praise the Lord for his strength. Praise the Lord for having the right people in the right places that love us enough to see taking our kids as ministry and a "well, why wouldn't I." Specifically Bree and Jeff. I hate to say mostly Bree... but mostly Bree since Jeff keeps their family going by going to work and Bree commits to taking care of my kids. She's shipped out Acey during the day, but even being in charge of knowing where she is, who is providing what, and acting as designated mother.... I am speechless. She is also now sick. My children have run her into the ground. Her sore throat is back and she feels she is fighting something. Hence getting Ameira back a day or two early. It should be me that is the inconvenienced one, not her. We'll remedy that with a couple days of rest and then reevaluating whether I'm up for keeping the Cheeks when Ry goes back to work on Wednesday evening.

So we went to see Ace last night. Apparently on Saturday mom gave her a snack of crackers, raisens, and cheese. She sat in her chair and called everyone to the table. Then she threw up her arms in exasperation saying, "pray!?!!" So Dad looked at her and said, "you pray." She folded her hands and without any prompting said, "Dear God. Thank you for Daddy. Help Mama get better. Thank you for the food. Amen." haha I love her.

Mom took her on a walk down the (long-ish) driveway to get the mail. Mom had regular shoes on and Ace didn't have her snow pants, mittens or hat on. On the way back up Ace asked if she could swing. Mom said, yep, but they should probably go get their warmer clothes on. Ace was not happy, I hear. She got up on the front porch and stopped. Mom said, "Come on Acey, come inside so we can get your snow pants on." Acey put her arms down at her side, stood as straight as she could and said, "I stay right here." Mom finally talked her into coming inside (with cries and wails) and sure enough, Acey knew better. Once they were inside, Grandma got distracted and they never made it back out to the swing. See... she ain't no fool.

She has added a few new words to her vocabulary. Not words that describe something new, but just more words that help her beef up her sentences. She surprises me when she says, very coherently, "Where did the ____ go?" or "Where is Mema? Upstairs?" She uses up, down, under, over, inside, outside. She uses all the words you don't think about because they aren't the main event in the sentence... but when she uses them she doesn't sound little anymore. I'm going to be very sad when she speaks perfectly. I like the garbled, thrown together sentences. I think we have a right to keep hearing them since she isn't even TWO yet. I just want to scream, "DON'T GROW UP YET, ACE!!" But that's ridiculous, not to mention impossible.

Okay, time to go hold my baby girl. I need to eat something so I don't end up ripping up my throat again.

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