Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Call Me... Awesome.

Halfway through week 2 of couch to 5k. I will probably feel a whole lot better running if I would drink more water and eat a regular portion. Its just so hard to eat when you don't have taste buds. I wish it wouldn't be disgusting to see a picture of my tongue. I really have an almost entirely "bald" tongue. Thrush is weird. Knees felt a little weird at the beginning. I'm PARANOID about getting a running injury. Will stretch better before I run again as well as halfway through my warm-up and right after my warm-up. Just in case. Laugh all you want.

Want to know why? Because it wouldn't be all that crazy at this point for my legs to literally break off my body as I'm running. At least, not that crazy judging by our current string of "luck." I don't believe in luck. I believe that God knows exactly what has happened, is happening, and will happen. He knows that we're learning to fall on him a little harder through this. I will spare you the details for now. I will most likely post a "you've got to be kidding" post after we get back from vacation.

For now... I will post a couple funny things that happened today. Maybe they aren't funny, but I'm pretending they are because I am that girl that hides behind humor. I laugh at funerals. I poke fun at myself so someone else can't do it first. Otherwise, I get all sortsa bent outta shape.

Driving to get a copy of Ameira's birth certificate so that she can board the plane with us I realized I needed meter money otherwise I'd end up walking a mile in wet, snowy, drizzly mess. I stopped into McDonalds and bought myself a pop (Did you know I gave up pop... or at least I did tomorrow) with a few extra bills and asked for quarters in change. I drove to the county building, parked, got the birth certificate, started to walk back... and realized I never fed the meter. Do you know what sparked that realization? The meter maid ticketing a car about 5 or 6 cars down from mine. It was an honest mistake. I fully intended to pay. That could have been a very expensive parking spot.

I threw my license away the other day. On accident, of course. I went to get a replacement today. I was concentrating so hard on which forms of identification I needed to get my license that it completely slipped my mind that I'm not whole. I had to get my picture retaken and hadn't even thought about the fact that my front tooth is still broken. I thought about smiling with my mouth shut but then realized that someday I would think it was hilarious. Someday Ameira will ask why there are more pictures of Aayla as a 0-6 month old. Someday I will be able to tell her about how we were literally sick with one thing right after another for the entire first four months of her life--and would you like to see Mommy's license with her missing tooth? THAT is how bad it was, Cheeks. Yes, we will still be calling her cheeks when she is old enough to realize the lopsided ratio of pictures. She's going to love it.

After all that has happened today I'd almost made it home when a rock flew at my windshield and popped a crack in it. About two weeks ago Ryan mentioned that if we ever got a small crack in the windshield our car insurance would have it fixed for free. They are coming to our house tomorrow morning before noon to fix it. I don't even have to go anywhere. I should probably choose to put clothes on though... and charge my phone.

Haircut tomorrow. Have given it zero thought. Have no idea what I want except to look nice for Erin's pictures so she isn't tempted to put the magnet over my face as she hangs the picture on her fridge.

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