Friday, February 12, 2010

Day two.

So day two of recovery is going just fine. I sent Ry to the store for some food with less sugar. (shock.) For some reason water is really hard to swallow, so I tried Sprite and surprisingly it's great on my throat. Julie told me to try it. Had some Malt-o-meal; a mashed banana; an apple that I chewed up really, really well; more propel (which doesn't go down well); scrambled eggs; ramen noodles; and a pudding cup. Seem to be sticking right at the minimum 4 hour mark for needing the pain medication. I'd say I'm having a good recovery. Thank you to all the friends out there that told me horror stories about their adult tonsillectomy experiences.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see my babies. My heart aches without them close by. Ry will be getting home late from work because he is meeting with my dad to talk about a hunting trip this fall. Apparently he hasn't committed to going yet. But he might just not want to make waves with me. We'll see. Sometimes I feel like a horrible person keeping him tethered where I can reach him. Then I just think... would he be okay if I left for a week or two? I'm pretty sure he would tell me I couldn't go because he couldn't handle the kids. I should ask him before I start jumping to conclusions. For some reason its expected of the mom, but not of the dad. Oh well. I love my kids and I love taking care of them even if its a lot to handle.

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