Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

So here is a sampling of the things that I declare as my New Year's Resolutions. It may seem a little late to you guys, but I'm a Vander Jagt and I do what I want. Some I have given much, much thought to and others will be somewhat vague. "Somewhat vague" is completely intentional. Vague resolutions mean you can somewhat accomplish them and then check them off the list. If you pad your resolution list with a bunch of vague resolutions that are all checked off you will feel so smart, and amazing, and... hardworking. Trust me, I do this every year. So these are my most important (to the eye of this beholder) resolutions.
  • Kick this mono crap asap.
  • Get out more. With the kids. Without the kids. (vague, huh?? yea, you know it.)
  • Finish the whole organizing-the-office-files project. Enough is enough.
  • Have a garage sale in April to get rid of the crap in the basement junkin' it up and donate the rest.
  • Be possessive and territorial about my bi-weekly nights out alone. I need them so back off... grrrr.
I think the one that I want to work on the absolute most, that has brought me a lot of worry and stress... but I will declare it to the Internet for some much needed accountability... dun, dun, dun.
  • Go to church with or without Ryan every Sunday that we aren't sick with the exception of Memorial Weekend Sunday and maybe a few other extenuating circumstances. (please note: Ry works every other Sunday and in the past I've just declared its too hard to get out of the house with a kid alone...much less two.) No scheduling other things like camping or going away, no "but we'll just hit Sunday School," no "eh, we tried..." I will pack the night before and even send my kids to bed dressed in their Sunday best if I have to... but we WILL go to church. And don't think I won't put Aayla on a leash while I tote Miss Heavy Baby and our gads of necessary luggage in the mile long parking lot--I've done it before and I'll do it again.
I will spare you the rest. Suffice it to say that my list, like all lists authored by me, is lengthy and broken down into sub points so there can be a lot of crossing off.


Marissa said...

Did you girls go to church last weekend? =)

nancy said...

Nope. I'm still on the couch sick BUT I packed everything up and laid out clothes for Ryan to take the girls! So it was just me that stayed home. I feel in good faith I was excused. :)