Friday, January 15, 2010

My little Bessie.

Despite not concentrating on it, Ameira is now sleeping amazingly long stretches compared to a couple weeks ago. She has slept at least one five hour stretch every night for the last week and a half. Better yet, most of the nights there has been a six hour stretch, and twice a seven hour stretch... and once there was an eighter in there. (Cue the reference: Did you just say niner??) Ohhh blissful sleep. Love. Love. Love. We've put her on a pretty tight schedule and she is thriving. Its a little hard to get out and about, but I'm not that tore up about it. I can deal for a few months on a tight schedule if it means I'm not getting screamed at constantly. I also bumped up her Zantec dosage (under advisement of the doctor... I'm not just bumping it up all willy-nilly) since she now a hefty FIFTEEN POUNDS. 15 lbs. Moooo-ve over, Bessie. Couldn't help it. It had to be said. My Cheeky Cheeks goes to sleep for naps and bedtime like a pro. There is a little fussing, but if I just plan on going in about three times to pop back in her pacifier during the first 15 minutes there is zero frustration. Did I mention that when its nap time... she just goes down? No rocking, no coddling... just "oh hey, its bedtime..." and a few little snuggles and kisses that take up about thirty seconds and then she gets put down. OH HALLELUJAH for the low maintenance routine we're setting the foundation for. And of course, because I wrote it she started crying. Oh well.

Anyway. Things are looking up. I'm happy with our little routine. I think Aayla gets a little bored, but that's what daddy's days off are for; outings.


Jen said...

Tommy Boy! the niner reference. SO Tommy Boy. did i win?

still praying for you!

nancy said...

yes, yes you did Jen!