Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Now, Back to then.

Slowly taking back my responsibilities as a mother. Bedtime can not come quick enough. I have 12 minutes before I can feed Ameira her last scheduled meal before I cross my fingers and pray she doesn't wake until 10 am. High hopes, but I've rarely been accused of pessimism. After I tuck her gently into her cozy little bed, I will put in a movie and drift off to sleep myself. I probably should have eaten better today. And not had 4 cherry cokes. Oops. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Finally picked up some pictures I had developed almost a year ago. I'm surprised they kept them at the store. Judging by the threatening phone calls from Meijer, I would have thought the end all date was sometime last July. It was three disposable click camera's that were floating around here. There are seriously pictures from the first winter I went out to meet Ryan's family... in 2002. WHOA. Over half the film was of fingers or completely blank because of over exposure (or the age of the film). That, my friends, is why I love digital pictures.

Well, Cheeky Cheeks is whimpering. I don't think she can wait another 7 minutes.

To come:
Story about St. Lucia.
New Year Resolutions (because I really do take them seriously)

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