Sunday, December 27, 2009

The ways things... are.

Ameira has been sleeping 4.5-5 hour stretches at night. I'll take it. Aayla has been sleeping about 2 hour stretches at night thanks to what I'm assuming is a cold. We've moved Ameira has been moved into her crib, and Ryan has been moved back in to our bed. Finally. I can feed Ameira at night and if she is asleep before 9 I don't wake her. If she isn't asleep before 9 I feed her at the next feeding and then put her down to sleep. Aayla is getting used to hearing the little sounds and sleeps right through it. Ameira will even stay asleep through Aayla's whining unless it gets out of control. Aayla waking is rather irritating because she has been such a great sleeper. Its easy to excuse because she sounds like a little motor as she is breathing in and out. Definitely discovered the Little Noses saline solution aerosol spray... it takes snot sucking to a whole new level. I only knew about the saline drops... which I always wondered why people still recommend because I'd always found it worthless.

We're at my Mom's (and dad's) for Sunday dinner and the PRIME RIB is on the table. Aw yea.

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