Thursday, December 31, 2009


When did I let this all happen? I was so cocky with Aayla's sleep schedule because I had put in the hard work to get her there. I must have forgotten that it required the hard work. We are now at ten weeks with Ameira and she is still getting up every couple hours when we should all be snoring. I could blame it on the mono. or the acid reflux. or the ear infection she had. or... or... or a million things, but what it comes down to is that it needs to change not be excused. Now. I picked back up my copy of baby-wise and have felt the swift kick in the pants. It said she could be sleeping 7-8 hours at night. Wow, wouldn't that be helpful. I remember reading that the first time around and thinking, "only now??? man! Aayla's been doing that for weeks. psh. I'm such a good mom." Now I'm more along the lines of, "what?!?! She could!?!?! scammer." So. Here we go. I will blog this challenge because I will get her sleeping at least 5 hours straight for more than one night in a row in FIVE DAYS. (or will die trying. literally.) Here is my plan:
  1. Feed like clock-work every 3 hours.
  2. Setting the timer before I feed her to go off in exactly one hour to signal when she needs to go down for a nap.
  3. Be an active-inter-acter (yep. thats what I said.) for the time between the end of her feeding and before her nap in order to keep her going until scheduled nap time.
  4. Put her down to sleep and leave her down to sleep. No more coddling. Its boot camp after all. If she had a need, meet it and put her back down. If she whimpers or gives a few cries, let her sleep since she might not be actually awake.
  5. Wake her up when naptime is over. Not before, no matter how inconvenient it is.
  6. No more sleep props: No pacifier for sleeping. No more sleeping with me in my bed for naps or nighttime. No more sleeping in my arms for naps.
  7. Fold my hands before I go to bed and pray that God will help her sleep and give me the strength, patience and gentleness to raise her as His.
I slept like a (successfully-sleep-trained) baby last night. Ry's only night off this week was last night. He attempted to come to bed when I did, but I kicked him out rather fast and was very exaggerated about putting in my ear plugs. I told him, as nicely as I could, I only wanted to hear from him when he brought in Ameira to be fed. That might sound harsh, but its been a while since I've slept longer than 2 hours straight. That setup tends to make a girl a bit cranky. He came in about 15 minutes after I laid my head down, but a "suck it up and find your hidden well of patience somewhere, buddy. I do this every night you're gone." pep talk was given and then it was restful. Apparently Aayla was up no less than 10 times and Ameira was awake and fussy for two straight hours last night. He sure did pick a great night to be home. I feel a teensy bit guilty about my harsh behavior, but a teensy bit of guilty isn't going to wreck my day. We did the ear plug trade-off (not literally... we each have our own pair) at 7:30 am. I feel like I just had a week of vacation. I'm sure as a direct result of her ten "wake-mups" last night, Aayla asked to go "lay down orange bed" at 9:30 am, after being awake for one hour and having breakfast. I told her she couldn't lay in my bed (which is what orange bed means... not because its orange but because that's her interpretation of saying YOUR bed.) but I would love to tuck her in all "fooka-show-zie" in her own bed. ("fooka-show-zie" is her interpretation of "super-doe-sie" which was Ryan's childhood interpretation of his own parents saying "super cozy.") She slept 2.5 hours. I took her to the bathroom and she asked to sleep on the couch. She's been out for a half hour so far. Oops. jinxed it. she's up.

I'll update on baby sleep camp and also add in my NY Resolutions.

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