Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have a different baby. Seriously. The medication is supposed to be given in the morning and at night. She slept six hours the first night... after having one morning dose of Zantec. I didn't get my hopes up that the medication was the reason. I had forgotten the meds when I went to Mom's on wednesday (to get snowed in during the blizzard that didn't come that night). We drove home around 11 to get the meds--and stay at home. I didn't want to wake her and figured I'd give her the meds when she woke on her own. Good idea. I went home and put the girls in bed and climbed in myself... and slept, slept, slept until about 3am. She only cried on Thursday when she was hungry and when she was going to sleep. She was even awake for a while and started just loooking around... all the things I took for granted with Aayla. I kept thinking, naw... don't get too excited, it might just be coincidence. Same story on Friday... and today. I will say its the medication. She slept five hours, ate, and slept another four. Ryan even slept in our bed last night. He has been sleeping in the guest bed that had been set up in the playroom for Mom Enlow during their visit. I'd say things are looking hopeful. I think the milk issue was part of it and I'm glad we worked through that and now I know that Acid Reflux is also part of this crazy equation. So far, it looks like its just the two that needed a solution. I'm keeping my eye open for anything else. My sister asked me if I was kicking myself for not bringing her in sooner for the Acid Reflux. Even though it was miserable up until I brought her in, I don't have regrets. Mom's already have enough false guilt, theres no reason to add more. I feel like I did what I could and I think it would be silly to bring her in everytime I thought there was something wrong. Doctors make better decisions when you can give them as much information as possible. I knew something was wrong and I started the elimination process to figure it out right away. I don't have regrets and no, I don't feel guilty.

Breathe. In. Hold it. Exhale. We are all going to survive this.

The girl is in 3-6 month clothing... at six weeks. She most certainly isn't throwing up her calories. I put the jeans on her that Aayla learned to walk in.

Today we did the annual St. Lucia thing and then out to lunch... then to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to see the reindeer and Christmas trees from around the world. I realized that even with the new Ameira, we're still not a one adult operation. Ryan was supposed to come but he stayed up late last night and slept through his alarm and my phone calls. Mom was with us but so were my nephews. Aayla has learned to lay down when I've got Ameira and am trying to corral her. It was theoretically really fun today. Fun for Ace. Rather stressful for me. Maybe I'll post about it Monday when I can giggle a little more about it. It includes me running/fast walking while pushing a double stroller on slushy sidewalks for roughly a half mile while both of my children screamed at the top of their lungs... the entire way... and then couldn't find where my sister parked my car. Its a good one. Right now I'm going to look for some hard liquor.

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