Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Sleep Boot Camp: Day one

Ace spiked a fever this morning. Must be why she didn't sleep last night. She is super easy today if you can get over the constant whining (which, today I can because I slept last night!!). Ah yea. Heading to Clapp's tonight for New Years. Fully planning on being home and in bed by 11. I'm that awesome (and exhausted. and without a sitter).

Ameira's schedule today. Not that you care about these details, but I will when we (if we) have our third kid.... so just consider this post at it's end. Hopefully this will end with 8 hours of night sleep. we'll see.

7:12 am:Woke
7:12-7:25 am: Eat
7:30-8:30am: Play
8:30 am: Sleep (screamed entire time, checked every 15 min)
10:00-10:14 am: Eat. Fed those screamin' Cheeks.
10:15-10:30: Play (changed diaper, talked together)
10:30: Sleep (slept soundly the entire time)
1:10-1:25 pm: Eat (woke to eat)
1:25-2:10 pm: Play (very happy baby!!)
2:10 pm: Sleep. (slept 1 hour soundly. screamed 30 min. slept 5. screamed 5. slept 20.)
4:10-4:40 pm: Eat (woke her)
4:45 pm: Sleep
6:30 pm: Woke... breaking a resolution to not wake her early.
7:15 pm: Eat
8:30 pm: Sleeping... sort of. In car seat at Julie's while I rocked her with my foot.
10:00 pm: Eat
11:30 pm: Sleeping in bassinet after a trip to Meijer to pick up Motrin for Aayla's 103 temperature. Who says you don't get to stay up late anymore as a parent?!

fully expect that to be the end of today's entry so will post it.

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