Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warning. Mothers talk about poop because its important. Its one of the few ways to figure out if your kid is sick when they either can't talk or don't have the right words in their "tool bag" to tell you. So if you'd rather not read about poop... skip this post. You've been warned so I don't want to hear you complaining. Its your own darn fault.

Before I stopped being lazy about taking Aayla to the bathroom ALL THE time, we would leave her in a diaper at my mom's house. It was easier. One Sunday, Aayla didn't tell us her diaper was dirty for the entire afternoon. As a result, we didn't think about changing it. It was very dirty--like I'm surprised it didn't explode. After she sat in it for about five hours I got to it and found her little bottom raw, red, and swollen. She screamed for a long time about it. I'm sure it was painful. She heard me saying, "oh my gosh, I am sooooo sorrrrry. that must hurt" and has said "it hurts" when she has to go poop ever since. Sometime between then and now she added in saying, "tummy hurts." I'd get all worked up that she had an upset stomach, but she didn't act like it was her actual stomach. I then figured out that she was saying it probably a half hour before she worked out a poop... Its been a mystery why she added the "tummy" part. Until today, that is...

Today Aayla pointed at Ameira's hind end and said "Ameira's tummy." hmmm. I asked her where her tummy was and she pointed to her own tush. Mystery solved. With some proper instruction maybe she'll learn a little more about her own anatomy and stop freakin' me out.

In other Aayla news. I sang "No More Monkeys jumping on the bed" and somehow it was turned into "No chocolate milkys jumping monkeys on bed.... " I love her little mind.

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