Friday, November 20, 2009

Gimme a break, Gimme a break...

Ahhhh Schuler... the bookstore. I'd forgotten how nice it was to sit down with a hot chai (since I hate coffee) at the bookstore and mindlessly flip through bright and shiny books until Ryan took me on our "last date night" the week Ameira was born. I think that's what I miss the most about my previous life as a non-mother. I'd be driving home from class and Cassie would text saying she was at Schuler Bookstore and holy crap would I just get there already. The last time that I remember going besides with Ryan was about 8 months ago. I'm sure I would have had to have gone at least once or twice in there, but I honestly can't remember. Ryan has been telling me that I can take a night off and just go, but I never really took him up on it because things were always too busy or I just felt bad. However in the chaos that is two kids, I took him up on it last week. I was looking at the weekend home all alone for the first time and told him I was going on Thursday. Julie met me and then Mom showed up a little later. Ahhhhhh. I don't know what it is about just sitting in a place other than home, but I remembered that I needed it. Few things are as relaxing as that to me. I don't really enjoy going to watch movies. Maybe because it costs TEN DOLLARS. Maybe because the time goes so fast that it just doesn't seem like I'm appreciating each moment of it. Flipping through books and magazines, people watching, and just sitting... thats my favorite. We have worked out a deal that every other Monday I'm taking off. I've picked every other so that on Ryan's long weeks of work he's not working just about every day and then dealing with cranky kids... ugh. So I'll settle for every other week, which lines up nicely with getting a break after a weekend alone with the kids.

Yesterday I went to the doctor thinking I had strep but found out I have mono instead. I went to the bookstore anyway. I'll skip church, Family Sunday Dinner, and everything else... but I don't think I'll give that up. Otherwise, I'll be staying at home listening to Ryan take care of the kids and have his hands full. If I'm home I should be helping... and what kind of day off is that??

Other randoms worth mentioning:
  • The chickens stopped laying eggs. I think its time to give them their supplemental winter light. Hopefully its not too late. We haven't had eggs in the last few days.
  • Ameira is now a whole MONTH OLD and we still haven't taken her newborn pictures yet.
  • I'm getting closer to typing up my gardening journal. I've learned a whole heck of a lot from just two books. I've got about four more that are being sent to our local library. I'm really nerdy like that.
  • I bought 12 non-bleached prefold diapers and 3 bummis covers for Ameira. She fits into our 9 bum genius diapers but 9 is not even close to being a sufficient number of daily diapers for our little poopy butt. Still not regretting the cloth diapering thing. Want to chuck my 3 happy heinys and 3 fuzzi bunz. We've reserved those for Aayla who is only in diapers at night and during her one nap when she insists on pooping her pants just about every time. So frustrating.

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