Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And then there were TWO little monkeys jumping on the bed...

(non gruesome) Birth story to come eventually. I'd like to skip that for now. Let it suffice for now to just say that little Ameira Pearl was born October 23, exactly one week before her scheduled c-section date. She was only in the 38th week and was 8lbs 6oz; a whole half pound heavier than her sister Aayla even though Aayla was in the womb 3 weeks longer. Can you even imagine how big she'd be if she'd had three more weeks? They say they gain a half pound a week in the third trimester, so she COULD have been 9lbs 14oz. However, she wasn't. She was my perfect, little, fat-roll-sporting, precious baby girl.

She was born on a Friday night (10:51pm). Aayla stayed with her Auntie Sissa & Uncle Bubba (Alissa & Ben) for the weekend because Mema (my mom) was still getting over her bad sickness. I was kind of upset that mom couldn't come down to the hospital like she did with Aayla. Upset as in really dissapointed, not upset as in selfish hissy fit. Mom really wanted to be there and I really wanted her to be. Life is what life is. We had hardly any visitors because of the swine flu/regular flu/cold crap that is going around. People either were sick and knew they shouldn't come down, were recently exposed to someone that was really sick, or didn't want to walk through the hospital where there were really sick people. Surprisingly... it was pretty relaxing and I was "secretly" (but its not a secret when you post it on your blog!!) thankful that it was so quiet. It was hard to remember that we weren't repeating Aayla's birth because without Aayla around all the time, it seemed like it was just the three of us all over again. We stayed in the hospital until Monday morning.

Things I'm SUPER thankful for:
  • My family; both my new immediate & my "old immediate" family.
  • Not having to go through painful labor and THEN having a c-section.
  • Electing to do the surgery when given the option to just go home & wait; my scar was so thin the Dr. said that if I'd labored at home most likely the scar would have torn... and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what could have happened if that was the case.
  • A great doctor.
  • Very kind nurses.
  • Having the opportunity to feed Ameira so soon after the surgery. She pretty much helped herself and I was in awe.
So the transition... It took Aayla a while to figure out that Ameira wasn't her baby cousin Kirsten on loan, but she still loves her. She was terribly distressed about Ameira's belly button situation. We had to keep it covered when Aayla was around or she'd start yelling "ouchie! ouchie!" while crying and signing "all done." Over the past two weeks Aayla doesn't seem phased at all to have another one around here. She wants Am to "ave" (wave) to her all the time and will just do it for her for now. She likes to lay down by her and love on her. We're working on "don't put anything over her face." I think the true test will be when Daddy goes back to work and its just Mommy & the girls... and mommy tends to Ameira instead of playing with Aayla. I'm holding my breath. Ryan's parents came and stayed with us a full week and did EVERYTHING for us. I was able to concentrate on not giving into my post-partum "baby blues-ie" self and getting plenty of rest. Mom E did laundry, made all our meals, shopped for us, cleaned, and took Aayla duty while Ry & Dad E were out and about. Dad helped Ryan with a couple projects (building shelves in the basement!!) and did some serious playing with Aayla. I couldn't have hoped for better in-laws... seriously.

The sleeping thing. The first week Ameira slept all day and all night. She had a couple nights where she even slept seven hour stretches. She'd wake to eat (or I'd wake her during the day) and then fall right back out again. It was a little frustrating during feeding times to keep her awake, but I wasn't too distressed. I was actually worried that I'd forget about her because she was so incredibly quiet. Week two; different story. She was still sleeping during the day, but around 11pm or midnight her little eyes would pop open to show us her beautiful deep blues... and then stay open while she ate and then screamed for a couple hours. She'd wake to eat every 2ish hours or so... and mom and dad went nuts. This week is turning out to be a different story. She seems capable to keep herself awake for a few more minutes after eating and then I help her a little. I'm realizing that last week was mostly my fault. She'd wake to eat so Ry would bring her into our bed. I'd start feeding her in the laying down position... and we'd all fall asleep. She'd fall asleep before she finished eating, so of course her belly would wake her the next hour to push her to get some food in it. And worse, because she didn't get burped after eating it would turn to "lower gas" and she start screaming because it hurt so bad. The last two nights I've gotten out of bed, even though its really, really hard. She has eaten like a pro, I've changed her, burped her, wrapped her back up, and she'd fall asleep on the walk back to her crib. Thats right--her actual crib. Last night I didn't wake her after she fell asleep around 9. She's on a 3 hour schedule starting at 7am. So she would've needed to eat around 10. She went 3.5 hours (until 10:30), 4.5 hours, and then 3 hours. Its not sleeping through the night, but at least its SLEEPING AT NIGHT. I'll take it and call it a monumental success.

The eating thing... like I said, she's getting better about staying awake during her "meal." She also eats for such a smaller amount of time than Aayla did. Its really amazing. Breast feeding was so h a r d with Aayla. She'd eat for 50 minutes on average. I remember feeling so trapped. At least for now, Ameira eats for about 20 minutes at the MOST and is putting on weight like mad. She gained a whole pound and three ounces by her two week appointment. She has a double fat roll on the back of her neck. Aayla never had rolls. Did I mention I said I wouldn't compare my kids ;) Anyway. Feeding is a whole lot easier. Maybe because I got some experience under my belt with Aayla. Who knows. Its just easier and I like it.

And to be honest... I'm getting better about knowing I'm going to be doing a lot of this by myself in a few short days. Last week the subject of Mom & Dad going home was brought up and I started tearing up... for a bazillion reasons but one of which was the extra help leaving. This week I'm more confident. Next week I can do it.

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Marissa said...

Aww... I'm SO proud of you Nancy! You are such a great mommy!