Saturday, August 29, 2009

Down, down, do your dance, do your dance

Its too much work running a different blog dedicated to just Ameira... so I'm going to delete it and start posting over here about everything. After all, the blog is called small everydays and those everydays include this pregnancy.

So my sister's (Alissa) wedding was awesome. It was an outside wedding. It poured rain. Actually, it'd probably be more accurate to say that it blew rain sideways, very hard. Despite the horizontal rain (that began right after we finished taking beautiful pictures) the wedding was absolutely stunning. She was married inside a big ol' barn and I don't think it could have been prettier even if we'd planned it to be there the entire time.

I stepped in the week of the wedding and took over, at her request. She had everything planned but there were numerous small details that still needed to be taken care of/followed up on and she was just so overwhelmed and tired that she needed a break. I remember how it was. I remember breaking down after our rehearsal dinner because there were still things that NEEDED to get done and I all I wanted to do was crawl in a hole and sleep a hundred years. Add on top of the wedding situation the fact that they are buying a house. The week of the wedding she found out that there was a problem with the lender and that she needed to spend a couple hours trying to clear it up. SO... Monday night I kicked her out of wedding planning. I made her do a run through of what she knew needed to be done and then refused to give her any updates besides "everything is taken care of." Once she actually believed me (Tuesday afternoon), it was like she was a new woman. She slept at my house instead of our parents' so she could actually sleep (and distance herself from another highly involved woman). I ENJOY doing that kind of stuff for people. I enjoy working hard, being useful, and using my head but most of all, I enjoy doing very specific things for people when I know they need it most.

After the wedding I made it through about an hour of line dancing. I made a point of going up for each song they were teaching. There weren't many people on the dance floor, but they paid for it dang it, so I was going to learn all I could ;). Ry showed support too and has finally admitted that he actually ENJOYS line dancing. He even said he wouldn't mind going sometime with me. I knew he'd like it if he'd just try it. About an hour into it I started having some pretty good contractions so I sat down and put my feet up. Oh well, I made it pretty far. The next day... I could barely walk. Not because of the contractions but more because of my pelvis. I've been noticing it hurting for the last few weeks but just told myself that its because everything is loosening up down there in preparation for the baby... Guess what? Its actually a little more severe than "normal" pelvic pain. I thankfully had my 30 week (7.5 month) check up so I asked the dr about it. Apparently I've strained the ligament in my pelvis and the only that will help is delivery and getting Ameira off of it. She said if it gets really bad she is more than willing to get me a wheelchair. Yikes. I think I'd like one if I knew it wouldn't attract too much attention. Steps: excruciating. Putting my pants on: want to die. Delivery will be soon enough (8 weeks!). I can make it.

In other small everyday news... possibility of checking out a van for sale. Dodge Caravan with 80,000 miles on it for a couple thousand less than what we were planning on spending. The mileage is lower than what we assumed we could get. We're going to check it out and bring it to our trusty mechanic to see what he says. If all goes well... I might be ditching my ghetto car a lot earlier than anticipated.

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Mriss said...

A minivan at 26 (or 27?) LOVE IT =)