Monday, August 10, 2009

Check check

Today is Monday. The start of a fresh, new week. My house is still pretty darn clean after the Jack & Jill party Ryan and I threw for my sister's wedding shower. I feel like I'm kicking butt on checking things off this to-do list so I can get back to my original to-do list. I'm pretty sure that staying on top of the cleaning is actually saving me time because I'm not wasting time redoing stuff that gets out of hand.

The Party: Awesome. I screwed up the timing of the invites but we still had about 24 people show up. Alissa bought a small keg which we all assumed would be enough. I figured she knows her friends and knows their drinking habits. We were out of beer about an hour and half into the party. Ryan went to the store and bought some canned beer and we were set the rest of the evening. There weren't any drunken shenanigans, which was great by me. We all fit out on the deck comfortably... under the pergola... which was covered in black plastic... because OF THE RAIN. It actually worked out great and everyone stayed dry. We served chicago-dogs and way too much other food. That was mostly because I messed up the timing of the invites so people didn't really RSVP. I guessed we'd have about 34 people and made my food accordingly. We have hot dogs and brats coming out of our ears, but I'm not complaining. We can keep having people come over to see us and we've already got dinner taken care of.

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