Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I would LOVE to set on the curb

The tv we currently use.
Its old with no remote control. And by "old" I mean early 80's old. Its older than I am. Oh and the nice TV my sister Alissa gave us... because that one is sitting in our front closet because there is some mechanical glitch inside that makes it similar to playing the lottery when you hit either the volume buttons or the channel buttons. Its a fun game that got REALLY old when Aayla was napping... She didn't seem to appreciate getting a full volume wakeup blast smack dab in the middle of her nap. Well, lets be honest, I didn't appreciate it either.

**Aunt Nancy just called and said she is upgrading and we can have her old TV. Ryan just went and picked it up. Crazy timing!

The old olivey green couch
I used to try and cover it with a kakhi couch cover. That cover is sitting in the basement with a big stain that wouldn't come out from Aayla's poo when she was about 5 months old. I took it off and washed it but before I got it back on I realized how liberating it is NOT to have to reshift a stupid couch cover all the time. The couch doesn't need a cover, so my friends say... but even I have to admit that there are a ton of stains from the previous owner. They are normal wear and tear stains from what I'm guessing is the fifteen years they owned it. It gets us by and we aren't going to be buying another one anytime soon.

The BIG fat desk sitting in our bedroom
Okay, I don't want to set it on the curb, but I WOULD like to Get It Out. We bought it because it was a nice big desk. And like they say for marriage partners, what attracts you at first is what you end up loathing later. :) I even have another option... a petite little white thing that is tucked in the girls' playroom closet. Ryan however is Not A Fan of getting that big chunky thing downstairs to store it... so it will have to wait.

We bought the cheapest priced vacuum the week we got home from our honeymoon with the gift cards and the return money recieved at the wedding. I HATE THIS VACUUM. We bought one with a hose attachement though. When we moved into our house, somehow one of the wheels cracked off. It didn't crack off like, oh hey, the wheel popped off... more like the plastic piece that keeps the wheel section attached to the vacuum broke. We found another vacuum without a hose attachement... so I've had to keep this big, bulky thing just hanging around so I can vacuum the crown molding, corners, and all the crumbs from the couches. I will be one happy lady on the day that big, ugly, red devil is lifted into that glorious blue dump truck... never to be seen again.

The old dryer
We moved into this house without a lot of extra cash floating around and the sellers were willing to leave their dryer here for us. It meant they wouldn't have to throw it away and we wouldn't have to splurge on one more thing. The only thing broken on it was it didn't shut off at the end of a cycle. So I could never leave the house with a load drying. I always had to start a timer... but to be honest, I usually forgot what the timer was for and would look all around in the oven and microwave for what I could possibly have set a timer for. :) I'm coo like that. Well, Ry's parents fixed it for us when they were here right after Aayla. A few months later it broke again. We found one on this new fangled website called Craigslist believe it or not. Now I wish we could decide if we're going to sell off the good parts, sell off the whole broken dryer, or just junk it. The longer it sits there the more my vote swings dangerously close to the JUST JUNK IT side.

Floor lamp!
It was a cheap buy we got at Wal-mart when we were first married because we didn't have a lamp to plug into the wall. There were no lighting fixtures in the apartment so if we didn't spend the money on it, we wouldn't HAVE a light. Its so wobbly now and the reading lamp part of it just doesn't work. I would LOVE to find something that matches our style.

I think this is my favorite list to make in my head... well maybe the "if I won $20,000 how would I spend it" list. Thats a fun one too.

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