Monday, July 27, 2009

Returning to Normal

Just spent a week with my sister-in-law and her fiance, Coby. I stayed up WAY too late, was WAY too lazy, and yet seemed to run myself ragged. They arrived on Saturday. Aayla and I picked them up from the airport, we ate at Panera, then drove to Grand Haven to see Ry... getting home around 10. Aayla was awake the entire time and that made for some interesting sleep surrender situations. Sunday we went to church, then to my mom & dad's for dinner, then had a small get together with some of our friends. It feels like FOREVER ago. Aayla was still doing the fighting sleep thing and ended up getting to bed pretty close to 10 again. Monday was Sailing. Tuesday was the splash pad/beach/park. Wednesday Ry worked, Coby rode along with him, Erin & I had a girls night (where we got PEDICURES!!). Thursday Coby did another ride along since the Wednesday one was so boring and saw just a little bit more. I mowed the lawn and then went on a walk with Aayla & Erin. Friday was the Police Chief's party we were already committed to and Aayla did an overnighter with my mom. Aayla ended up having her first projectile vomit incident (twice and once was apparently in Bed Bath & Beyond...yikes) but ended up being just fine so my mom said to stay at the party and not even think of coming to get her. Saturday was engagement pictures and the 3-year-old neighbor girl's birthday/circus party (where Aayla just played in the sandbox) and then SITTING/card games/eating mushy zucchini (oops). Sunday they left... and I feel withdrawals.

Part of me is feeling a lull because it was so nice to have people adults I love in the house during the times that Ryan is either working or sleeping. The rest of me I think is going through a bit of mourning because of how much I regret the unchangeable fact they live 2,000 miles away. Its depressing to think that such amazing people can really only be an active part of our lives just a couple times a year at the very most. The next time I see them Aayla will be almost two and Ameira will be 5 months old. So much will happen from now until March, when Erin & Coby get married and we get to go see them, that I feel like someone just died. Now, if they were horrible people it would be so much easier to watch them walk to airport security and think, "ugh, FINALLY."

This morning Aayla woke up and started to look for her Auntie saying, "ah-wean" while looking in the bathroom... and of course under the couch. Instead I tried to distract her by taking her to the library and park. She was awake for about 2 hours before she had a complete meltdown and we came home. I put her to bed about an hour and half early for a nap and she has been sleeping for the last two hours. I've been catching up on some of the cleaning/laundry/bills/google reader that I've missed in the last week. Tonight and tomorrow Ry has to work but since he is playing music for our church's VBS he is going in late to work. That will give us an extra 2 hours with him before he has to leave. It always sucks returning to the daily routine after getting a semi-vacation.

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