Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ode to Netflix

Netflix-love it. For so many reasons.

One of which is that when I hear of a good movie that I'd like to see, I don't have to waste brain space trying to remember it for when it comes out on DVD. I can add it to the queue and be done with it.

Another reason: I never think of going to the movie store as an option since we're in "saving every penny" mode. Ryan, however, does. And when Ryan goes to the movie store... do you think he comes home with anything other than a guns/bombs/blood/horror/war movie? Some of them I like, I'll give you that, but there are so many more movies that I'd like to see. And please see first reason netflix is so cool... when he asks what movie I'd like him to pick up (because, to be fair he DOES ask) I can't recall a single movie. One time, I was really sick and asked him to pick up a girly movie. He came home with a HORRIBLE movie that had two people swooning into each other's arms... in antebellum type clothing. He said, "this was the gayest cover I could find, hope you like it." hahaha And that folks, is why I love my husband. He tries. I can only imagine his embarrassment checking out with that one. I wish I could remember the name so I could look up the cover for you. It'd make it that much funnier.

Reason number 3: I don't have to wrangle Aayla into the car to go GET a movie. It comes to me. And that's the way I like it. And while I'm talking about this point, I'll also add that driving to the movie store usually ALWAYS means I swing by the grocery store (since I've got her out ANYWAYS!) and pick up some type of junk food item... or item to make junk food. So really, its also a diet plan.

Reason number 4: We are in money saving mode, and therefore SAY we aren't going to waste our money on renting movies. I tried to talk Ryan into netflix a while ago but he declined saying we should think ahead about it and rent them from the library for $1 OR wait until Wednesdays (or Thursdays, or whatever day they decide to change it to that week) when the local Movie Gallery has Gallery Night and lets you get a free older movie. Good plan but that means lots of forethought to get to the library before they close or adding your number to the waiting list AND that means waiting. Waiting for good movies to spend their time in the theatre... listening to all your friends talk about how awesome a movie is... waiting for it to be released to DVD... and then waiting for it to stop being considered a New Release. So every couple months Ry will rack up a $16 bill by renting a few movies... that covers our netflix bill AND we get to see more than 4 New Release movies!

Reason number 5: Instant Queue baby. I can watch all the corny movies I would never admit to watching... and no one has to know... not even Ryan. Aw yea. I'd list a few just to anchor this point, but that would mean I'd have to admit to watching certain movies... and I just won't do it.

We've had our membership for a week and have had 3 movies. I've also watched ALL of the first season of 30 Rock in the wee hours of the morning on the instant queue while laying there awake.

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