Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friend Dates.

We had Josh & Julie over last night just like old times... or pre-kid times. Josh is a teacher and therefore isn't working his regular job during the summer, he's mostly sticking to projects around the house that have been put off... like installing ALL NEW WINDOWS. Thats one big job. Josh came over around 4 and sat around to talk. Ryan made dinner. YAY.

I shut Aayla in the back half of the house with them and did my new pilates video. It was almost like a night off. I did the whole 50 minutes. I'm out of shape so it was slightly difficult... but for some reason I'm not sore today. I was kind of hoping for that just starting out stiffness that hurts but feels oh-so-good. Oh well. Maybe today. I think I still assume after-pilates will feel the same as after-aerobic exercise. Not the same.

Julie showed up after Aayla was in bed and we played hearts... until 1AM. At some point Ryan pulled out the laptop and started taking requests for songs. I was at the deliriously-tired stage and thought it was HILARIOUS to choose Vengaboys "we like to party" because it reminded me of my friend Jenny while we were like 18 or 19. It wasn't THAT funny but I was laughing so hard I was crying. I'm a little embarrassed about it today.

In the spring Julie and I put a bunch of dates on our calendar so that we could make sure to save time to hang out. Those dates ran out and so last night we put the summer dates on the calendar. That's what its come to folks. Scheduling time with your best friends THREE MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Hey, you do what you gotta do. Ry's schedule makes it hard to hang out with people because his time of is not the traditional chunks. Aayla's bedtime makes it even harder. I guess I love both of these people and am willing to work with it.

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