Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Days and Years...

The days are long, but the years are short.

I feel like this gig is getting easier the older Aayla gets. I'm not saying that its going to be a piece of cake from here on out, I'm just saying that I think I'm the type of person who enjoys being able to give my kid direction and have it followed instead of being responsible to physically meet every tiny need my kid has. I have never claimed to be an infant person. However I was a MY-infant person. I cherish my memories of Aayla as a newborn and feeding her, but I'm not going to lie... I like being able to say, "Aayla would you like a bite? Get in your chair." Then placing a plate of food in front of her so she can smash it all over her face and make comical attempts at stabbing food onto her fork. Its just easier. I like changing only a handful of diapers a day because she can recognize the feeling of bladder pressure and says "pah-yee" or grunts to let me know she needs to go to the bathroom. All these things make it so much easier to enjoy my day. I was really glad when Aayla started interacting with us by making eye contact. I was really glad when she started laughing at us when we'd play with her. I was really glad when she started developing her personality.

I can honestly say that I wish I could pause her at this stage and at this age. She makes me laugh pretty hard.
  • She has started making a "cheeeeese" face and will actually say "teeeeeeeee." I don't ask her to do it, but I think she saw her little friend Avery doing it and has started copying.
  • She asks to go "ah-die, ah-die, ah-die" pretty much constantly. Oh, wait, you don't know what that means? Duh. She is saying "OUTSIDE."
  • She wears her new bike helmet at every possible moment. She will bring it to me and say "aht, aht." and pat her head. We put the helmet on her head and she will puff out her little belly and strut around like a proud peacock... oh and she swings her arms with a smirk on her face. Yesterday she was walking around the house with nothing but her helmet and her training pants on. Yep, that's my special girl.
  • She "fake bites." She started biting me a month or so ago and we made a game out of "fake bites" to distract her from actually biting. Sometimes I wonder if that was a good idea, but its fun and she likes it... and I don't get randomly bit anymore. She will say "bah-ye" and then grab my arm. With an open mouth she will put her teeth on my arm and then go "ahhhh" as she pretends. Its pretty funny.
  • She went from not even being able to make it through one page of a book at 9 months to having me read the same book S E V E N times in a row yesterday. She gets so excited about books. She will easily sit for an hour if you're reading to her. And my favorite? When I sneak around the corner looking for her and spy her sitting in her great-grandpa's rocking recliner flipping through pages of her book and talking to herself. That's my girl. I was a little nervous she was going to grow up illiterate... but there is hope, my friends.
  • She chases the chickens around until she can catch them to kiss them. I cringe every time because GROSS... they are dirty birds. "tickies, tickies, tickies!" She loves those girls and they seem to tolerate her fairly well.
  • She is absolutely infatuated with her cousins Bailey (6) & Micah (3). I've never heard her laugh so hard as when she is laughing at/for/with Bailey. Micah is warming up to her, but Bailey pays 100% attention to her whenever she is around. He even keeps her company while shes strapped in her car seat waiting for us to leave. As a result, whenever she sees a picture of him she seems to go all Beatles-groupie-gaga. She actually tries to scale the cupboards to get a hold of the picture all while shouting "B! B! B!" Rather entertaining.
  • She lifts my shirt any time the fancy strikes her to point out that I have a "bebe" in my belly. She thinks a belly button is actually called a "bebe" so we're working on it. Alissa thought it would be funny to ask her where mommy's bebe was while we were in the checkout line of Kohls.
  • When she is tired she wraps her little arms around my neck and puts her head down. My heart melts when she starts humming and I can feel her cherub skin on mine. We don't get to cuddle much since she is so darn active, but I'll take what I can get when I get it.
I find myself saying, UGH when will this week be over? At the same time, I find myself feeling like we brought her home yesterday and why is she growing up so fast?! I love my little girl with all my heart and even though at times I might sound overwhelmed or bored with my life... I wouldn't trade it for anything.