Saturday, July 11, 2009


I communicate so well. Especially over text.

There has been the worlds worst planning disaster ever. It started with the boys going camping to celebrate Ben's entrance into our family as the newest and last bro-in-law. They put it on their calendars (or were supposed to) about 4 months ago. Seriously. Two weeks ago Ben backed out because he had a wedding he didn't realize was on the same weekend. Way to go, Ben. So Ryan said, "I'm still going. Want to come?" And I said HECK YES. And then I planned on it. And then I invited Clapps. And then Ryan says, oh wait, Jeff (bro-in-law of youngest sister) invited another guy friend so if he goes then the canoes are all taken and we're still going to do the boy thing. Sorry. I pouted and was pissed, but whatever. I canceled with Clapps. Then Ryan said that Jeff said that his friend said he couldn't come... so want to come? to which I replied... Well, the short version is, I'm tired of being everyone's backup plan. I am not going to be that girl that sits around and has no life except for you. I think I'm going to prove to myself that I'm not that pathetic and find my own fun.... something along those lines. THEN... I felt remorse. Mostly because I really did want to go canoe camping with Ry. I enjoy hanging out with him. So I changed my mind. And ya know what? The day I changed my mind is the day that Josh said he could still go... and ya know what? I was uninvited all over again because Josh's wife Julie didn't want to go and how hard would that be taking one canoe out with only one person? FURY. FURY. FURY. Ry insists that I wasn't clear that I had changed my mind and therefore he wasn't planning on me going thats why Josh is going and not me.

So I texted Julie something like this, "Ry said it would be too hard if I came so I can't come because you're not going. have fun this weekend." What I meant to say was WE'LL have fun this weekend. Even though I told Cassie that I wasn't going to make plans with Julie because hopefully we'll still be going canoeing. Lost yet? So Julie, my FOR-SURE-WE'RE-HANGING-OUT-THIS-WEEKEND friend... made plans with other people.

I? I am sitting home all alone (with Aayla) for the second weekend in a row. SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS.

I just need to be more clear. Or find new friends. Or both.

I resorted to going to my mom's again. She has good play equipment for Aayla and helps take some of the responsibility for her care. Yay. Mom and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and then mom insisted on taking us to Toys R Us. Aayla kept saying, "at, at." which roughly translates to "hat" by which she is ACTUALLY saying, "helmet." So Grandma bought Aayla the world's smallest bike helmet. Aayla insisted on wearing it throughout the rest of the shopping trip. Really funny. Grandma also would ask Aayla if she liked something and if Aayla approved, it went in the cart. yikes. We got bubbles, a weird spiky ball thing, a fairy costume, a bike HORN which Aayla figured out rather quickly and did not tire from, a book, and of COURSE a water bottle that can be attached to her trike... bc its important to stay hydrated. Aayla is the only girl granddaughter so far. Can you tell?

Tomorrow I declare a beach day. All day. Packed lunches and everything.

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