Monday, June 29, 2009


Our plans to go camping Friday night through Sunday were delayed. Wedding programs that weren't doing themselves, a broken lawn mower, and a full week were the problem and Ryan's solution was to slow down, finish what we could, and leave Saturday morning. He's brilliant. I didn't put my head down on my pillow until 2:30 am on "Friday night." That's how busy we were. I'm so glad Ryan suggested putting it off. I'm not sure if I would have allowed myself that freedom on my own. As it was, we left with minimal stress and a clean house. This whole coming back to a clean house is a novelty to me. Should have figured this out a long time ago.

On the trip up I learned that being pregnant and skipping breakfast but having a pop and (sugary) yogurt instead is good for one fa-reaky vertigo ride and a handful of opportunities to practice passing out gracefully. I learned from my passing out session in 2004 (as a result of birth control pills for the first time) that if you feel like you're going to pass out its best to #1 warn people and #2 get your self in a position that will cause the least amount of bodily harm. I told Ry that it wouldn't be an emergency situation but I was pretty sure it was going to happen because I needed to eat... then I cuddled up to him and hung on for dear life. I then learned that water, a subway sandwich, and a quick nap will cure said fa-reaky ride.

Traveling down the river, away from the people and cars I could feel myself relaxing. I wish we could just live out there. I know I love people and technology... but if I could live from april through the first half of November in the woods and spend the rest with the world I would. Ah. Can't wait to go back, even with a toddler.

On the trip down the river I learned that a 14 mo old that knows to tell you she has to go "pa-ye" won't really be able to understand what she is going through when she gets diarrhea--she will just go in her pants and then start panicking and sobbing. I also learned that bringing a solid bar of laundry soap with the intention of using it to combat any poison ivy that a toddler can get into also is a life-saver for washing out a poopy cloth diaper in the middle of the woods. So glad I brought it. I will always bring soap and use cloth diapers in the woods from now on instead of resorting to disposables that need to be carried back out. We also learned that the only safe option for having Aayla near water is a life jacket with a rope attached to the back. She moves awfully fast and didn't seem to mind being under water for a few seconds. She just cared that I hauled her up and out by one arm and almost dislocated it. Oh and the other thing she minds... not being allowed near water without a life jacket attached to a leash--even for a teensy second.

After we chose our campsite I was reminded that not all people have the same standards about playing in God's country. I spent about 20 minutes picking up trash because people just can't be bothered to take care of their own crap. Come one people, cigarette butts and used tampon applicators (!!!) do not belong in the woods... no one wants to see that and curious little toddlers will eventually pick them up if their parents don't do something about it.

Rules for not being a jerk and playing in nature ANYWHERE:
  1. Make your overall goal that no one should know you were ever there.
  2. Pack it in-Pack it out.
  3. Bury your feces. Shut up. Do it.
We stayed around camp Saturday night since we got in right before it rained. It rained on everything but us because we managed to pick the sweetest trees to set up camp under. We sat out pretty late into the evening just watching the rain and the 64 geese swim past us like they were a parade. On Sunday we paddled around and then motored around with the small outboard motor Jeff gave us. We explored in the canoe while Aayla slept and around some pretty cool islands while she was awake. Adapting is key when vacationing with a kid and I think we did pretty well. This morning we were packed and loaded into the canoe by 10:15 am. It was a short weekend, but it was well worth it.

We brought different things with us since we weren't acting as pack animals this time around. We brought a cooler. A real, hard, plastic cooler that contained real milk for Aayla, cheese, deli meat and hot dogs. I didn't even know how to make a menu for a weekend with a COOLER. I did not take full advantage of it, but I did sneak in some refrigerator biscuits to make with pie filling in our other luxury item for the weekend: a little hobo-pie cast iron thing. I might consider sucking up the extra weight next time we backpack pack if I can make those again. We also brought real camp chairs... not the tiny backpacking ones. We were livin' big. It was just one of those weekends.

Confirmation that it was just one of those splendid weekends? Aayla brought me her blanket and "tow-ie" (cow stuffed animal/puppet) and wanted to go to bed... at 6:15... for the night. yikes. Hopefully she does not get up at 4 am for the day.

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