Friday, June 19, 2009

Relaxation and a little bit of Home Remedy Talk

Last night we had our party to celebrate finding out whether we're having a girl or a boy. We're having another little girl that I'm sure will be vastly different than Aayla but hopefully her good friend.

We served spaghetti with homemade sauce and homemade meatballs. We had 19 people which included 3 one-year-olds. I figured that if I quadrupled the recipe that feeds 6 people we'd have more than enough food. For the record... a pound of pasta feeds a heck of a lot more than 4 people. I'm not sure what the heck was going on with that recipe but I have 4 quart sized bags of leftover pasta. We ran out of meatballs. They suggested making them each 2 oz but instead I used a quarter cup to scoop it all. They were about half the size as the last time I made the same meatballs. They were still huge. I'm going to retry that recipe and find something smaller to use. I totally forgot about the ice cream that I had my sister make a special trip to the store for. Oops. It would have been great with the Texas Chocolate cake we had. Food is my favorite part about parties.

Other than that it was a beautiful night to sit out on the deck. We need some deck furniture, but all in good time. The evening ended with the ladies sitting on the deck having their own conversation in the dark and the guys louging on the tailgate of the truck and a couple sitting in the canoe. It was nice.

I was able to try out the peppermint oil too. I got a few bites and then applied it. I didn't put enough on I think at first but after the second time of putting it all over it was successful in keeping away most of the mosquitos. I was too scared to put it on my face since the last time I tried it (while canoeing last Saturday) the fumes were making it hard to see. I did put it in my hair and rubbed my hands over my clothes. I don't think it works as well as DEET, but thats not the point.

Another thing I was able to try yesterday was peroxide in the ears. Sunday we put Aayla in the nursery and as we were driving out of the parking lot I said flippantly to Ry, "Well, are you ready for Aayla to get another cold this week?" I was half joking, but sure enough 3 days later she has a runny nose which seems to be the period of time that she usually gets a cold after being exposed. Julie had told me last week that she learned about putting Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) in your ears at the first sign of a cold. I did some checking and its just a hypothesis that some guy had back in the 30's (?). He hypothesized that the cold and flu actually come in to your body through your ears and then have access to the rest of your body. It kind of makes sense, but to be honest with you, I'm willing to try anything. I hate it when Aayla is sick and it seems like she has had a cold for more days this year than NOT had a cold. I hate being sick too because I don't really get to lounge around anymore since there is a helpless kid in the picture. Aayla woke up today with not a single sign of the cold. We only did it once yesterday and I read today that its supposed to be done every 2-3 hours for a day. I pinned her down and put some more in her ears, which of course made her cry really hard... which made her nose start running clear. So we blew her nose and gave some extra snuggles. Hopefully this will be a short quick cold if she even gets it at all. I'm not ready to say I'm a firm believer... I'm just testing it out.

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