Thursday, June 25, 2009

My little love with a big, big heart.

My kid is the cutest kid. Ever. Hands down. Its 2 am and I have so much more to say on this subject, but the cutest-kid-ever-hands-down will be up in a matter of hours and mommy will be on duty ready or not.

She said 'wuv you' today. She repeated what I was coaxing her to say, but SHE added the hug and kiss on her own.

She insisted on wearing her daddy's ball cap to grandma's tonight. So darn adorable the way she peers out from under it and struts around like a peacock pretending to be daddy (I'm sure).

She begs to be sprayed by the FREEZING cold hose water. She begs by saying, "peas? peas?" translated to "please, please?"

She brings me her blanket, paci, and cow (puppet stuffed animal) at naptime and basically asks to be tucked in.

She plays by herself for about an hour after waking in the morning before slamming on the door to tell me she is up. I sat waiting for her to knock this morning and it was an hour. i never know when she actually wakes. Mystery.

She makes my heart so darn happy when she wraps her little arms around my neck and open mouth kisses my face while saying "muuuah."

She eats so NEATLY. if anything falls out of her bowl/plate she says "uh-oh" and points until you clean it up.

She didn't even have ONE miss today in her pants. Okay, she did poop in her swimsuit, but I knew it was coming and just didn't move fast enough.

She said Ameira today "mee-row."

Love her to pieces.

Can't wait to see how great of a big sister she is.

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