Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How it goes around here.

I get up in the morning rather late because Aayla keeps herself occupied for a while in her room. By rather late I mean like 9:30. Aw yea. College kid sleeping habits. I like to pretend that I'm surprised every time I walk in her room and see that she has emptied out her dresser drawers. Instead I'm secretly happy because 1. it keeps her occupied, like I said. 2. I don't have to bother folding the clothes because she's just going to yank them out anyway. She usually indicates she is done playing by pounding once or twice on her door. I roll out of bed and go open the door for her. She usually starts her day with going to the bathroom. Today she surprised me by having her diaper half off under her clothes (not the surprising part) but yet still being completely dry... and not having any "prizes" on the floor for mommy. Then we eat some breakfast. This morning that consisted of part of a blueberry muffin (the homemade from scratch kind, not the sugary dessert kind) and a handful of grapes. She requested about 2 cups of milk, which I gave her. I know some people ration the milk, but whatever. I usually start checking facebook/email while she is eating, but it doesn't take her long to eat so I kind of try and coax her to play for an extra 15 minutes. Rarely does that happen. And thats the end of our routine until bedtime. We eat lunch somewhere around one because her breakfast isn't usually till 10 or 10:30. She naps for about 2 hours, but that time chunk falls all over the place these days. She was going down consistently by noon, but I think she is trying to push it back. I'm going to aim her to go down around 2 until 4 because that would match her Sunday schedule and make that day less traumatic for everyone. But... today she brought me her blanket and paci and wanted to be held somewhere around 12:45. I'm not going to MAKE her stay up if she is tired that just makes us both miserable.

I start making dinner around 3pm because Ry has to have it by 4:30 in order to leave for work on time. At least I make sure that I don't need to start it this early. Usually Aayla is sleeping so I'll prep it as far as I can before actually cooking it. He'd be okay with wolfing down dinner at 5 and leaving at 5:10, but my rule is that I'm not going to spend an hour and a half making something to have it gone in 10 minutes. If he wants to eat in 10 minutes he can have a hot dog. I've realized I required this after about a month of refusing to cook. If you give me face time for even a half hour, I'll spend all day cooking for you and not bat an eye.

I have a lot of big intentions when it comes to house work. I have schedules that I'd ideally keep to. Ideally those schedules would keep our house so clean. Sometimes all I can do in a day is make a hot dog for Ry and deal with Aayla. Some days I can scrub the house top to bottom, make a fabulous dinner, and play with Aayla. It all depends. Most nights I try and pick the house back up for the next day. Most nights I run a load of dishes because magically, the cleaning fairy (aka Ryan!) unloads them for me when he comes home from work. If I don't run them then I have to load them AND unload them. booo.

I am trying not to dry a single load of laundry this summer to help with our electric bill. So far I've done two. "Summer" started in my head at the end of April, so I'm doing pretty good. I had this crazy idea that it all had to come down off the line before the dew fell at night. My standards are so lazy lately that I had one load hanging TWO nights... and it even went through a rain storm. I've learned that you do what you can do and stop worrying about how trashy our yard might look with laundry hanging. My big hang up is putting these clothes away. I have decided not to put any laundry on the big table in the living room because it seems to be acceptable in my head to leave it there forever. Right now the table is clean and has been for about a week. That's a record.

Aayla is still on the potty training kick. Like I said, she woke up completely dry. Last night I heard her get out of bed around 9:30p. Normally she gets in trouble so I just waited. She confidently walked straight to the door, slammed on the door a couple times. I opened it and was about to tell her to get back in bed when she walked right past me and headed to the bathroom. I asked her if she had to go potty. No response. She walked straight to the potty, stood in front and waited for me to hike her pants down. I set her on the potty, she pooped (!!!), said "ush" (meaning "flush"), and waited for me to put her pants back on. I obeyed. She marched her little heiny right back to bed without so much as a single distracted head glance. I shut the door once she was in bed and just stood there for a second wondering if that just really happened. Ry woke her at 6:30 like he usually does to give her some milk and change her pants. He said she was completely dry and even went potty for him. I was SURE that she'd go in her pants by the time she was up for the day. Guess not. I can't even call it Elimination communication anymore--I think we've crossed the line into full fledged potty training.

I don't get how girls can take their babies out more than twice a week. I'm talking besides running to the store or heading to mom's (the heavenly place of someone else helping to take care of Aayla) How do they get it all done, still make dinner, still have a clean house, still feel like they are in (a VERY generous definition of) control of their lives? I want to go with Betsy this week to the beach. We're taking Aayla to carrie's on Wednesday for a couple hours so we can hit up the ultrasound and then throwing a party-ish thing on Thursday night and I can't wrap my head around making "out of the house" plans on any other days. I'd really LOVE to hit the splash pad. I don't want summer to get away from us before we actually DO stuff, but I think this is just life happening as it happens. I can either chill out or stress that we're missing it. I just don't know how everyone else does it and makes it look so easy. Maybe they get up earlier. Maybe they are blessed to be born with the organized/tidy gene and it comes natural. Maybe they don't keep a blog. Oops.

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