Friday, June 12, 2009

Have to do for now.

These will be bullets. I've waited TOO long between updates that I feel like I have to get it all in--and let me tell you that the topics will be of a wide variety. Aw yea.

  • I decided I was done trying to just get by. Its been over a year since Aayla was born and my house has not had a good scrubbing/organizing since. I was going to jump back on my cleaning schedule (I know, I know, a WHILE ago I said I started back up again. I do it for two weeks and then I quit. Life is too busy--well, Aayla is anyway.) I spent about three days cleaning the kitchen. Its been picked up ever since and that was about 2 weeks ago. Go me! Ry doesn't really help with that part, so I am allowed to take full credit. What kicked me into this mode? Ants. Gross, yucky, everywhere ants. Why did we have ants? Because Miss Aayla eats all over the house. Miss Aayla drops crumbs all over the house. So I figured out (from google) that Ants leave trails to tell all their friends that your house is the jackpot... but cleaning with white vinegar destroys those trails. I have seen a visible difference.
  • Researching cleaning with white vinegar made me research cleaning with other "natural" things. Lemons, baking soda and white vinegar. I'm going to finish up using what chemicals we have and then just start using those things... I cleaned one side of the sink with the chemical I always (not often enough...hence needing a bleach) use and one side with white vinegar, lemon and b.s. Guess what? They cleaned the same. So why am I spending $5 on a chemical? And, the best part is I won't have to feel kind of funny watching Aayla suck on the sink during her mini-sink-baths wondering if she is ingesting something she shouldn't.
  • This whole topic is going to sound like I'm turning nutso... but, I've decided to cut down on the amount of sunscreen that we use. Even on Aayla. Instead of spraying head to toe every time we go outside, we'll soak up a little vitamin D. We will use common sense about when to be outside and for how long. It seems to be working. This is the first time in my memory that I haven't gotten fried before June. Like... fried. Like skin peeling/blistering. I usually always just assume I'm fine because I have sunscreen on but don't notice that I have forgotten a huge chunk... or the spf is expired... or I haven't reapplied it in a couple hours. Of COURSE we'll use it when we are out for extended periods or in spots where the sun is super intense... ie beach, canoeing, etc. Just not for playing in the yard for a few hours.
  • Am super excited to start using peppermint oil instead of bug spray. Apparently DEET is bad for pregnant ladies AND for babies. Shocker. Rachel VT pointed me in the directions of peppermint oil. She swears by it. And she is a mosquito magnet most of the time.
  • Aayla woke up on Monday and told me immediately that she had to go potty. "pod-eeee?" I took her and placed her on my mom's toilet (since we were spending the night) and she pooped. I know, its gross to talk about that kind of stuff, but seriously... as a mom its interesting to me. Ever since she has been telling us when she has to go... for the most part. we've gone through about 5 diapers, so averaging one a day. She goes through them mostly at night. And... last night. She decided to stay dry the ENTIRE night. I'm not up for this. She is so young that her bladder can't last ALL NIGHT long. She was up pounding on her door every two hours. I'm having enough problems trying to sleep lately. It would take me roughly 45ish minutes of laying there before I'd nod off again. I got the CRAPPIEST sleep since she was really little. I fully expect to have a full nights sleep, so when I don't get it I'm cranky. Very. I was driving the car to pick up a t-bar canoe rack and felt like I was going to either black out or pass out. I'm sure it was because I'm so darn tired. This week has been crappy sleep.
  • Which brings me to... we bought a canoe! :) Ry went to a sportman's garage sale "to beat all garage sales." He passed a horse trailer and told his friend who was in the market for it. His friend stopped, didn't get the trailer but gave his name to the guy and mentioned he was looking for boats etc. The guy directed him to another guy that wasn't having a sale but most likely would sell some stuff... and so the friend called Ry. And Ry bought a "classic" canoe. I don't care what it looks like. We own one. We can go out. We just have to figure out how to transport it. We might have to "rig something up." Which is always scary. The last time Ry made a homemade snow plow... it lasted one year but it worked. We're leaving in an hour and a half to pick it up. I'm SUPA-SUPA excited. We might dump it off in one of the bayous in Spring Lake to test it out.
  • Chickens are doing well. We moved them out of the kitchen just in time. They started FLYING... at 3 weeks old. I was told to clip one wing to throw them off balance and keep them from flying until they get big and fat. We'll see. I finally found a hard plastic pool for Aayla at a garage sale... but we are using it for the chickies instead. Their feathers are coming in and they are getting huge. We lined the outside of the pool with chicken wire 3.5' high and it seems to contain them just fine. The chicken coop construction is on standby until the garden is completed and a few other projects are done.
  • Weird Michigan weather is screwing with our garden though. We started our seeds indoors earlier this year, but we've had such a cool spring that its tricked all plants to bloom later than usual. We might not be in so much trouble getting our plants in so late. Maybe they won't even notice.
  • Aayla is BABBLING like a banche. She talks just about non-stop. Some words are obvious (at least to Ry and I) but some are just plain babble. She is adding facial expressions to them and it can be quite HILARIOUS. Especially when she whips out a book and starts "reading" or when she tells you a big story complete with hand gestures and demonstrations.
  • She is NUTS. She is 14 months old and would rather use the big kid swing instead of the baby swing. She holds on just fine and can even swing a bit higher than my nerves can take. She slides down really tall slides as fast as she can. She tries to swim and do flips (literally... just ask Rachel) in (any and all water) the bath. She even climbed into my mop bucket filled with hot water and dish soap while she was FULLY CLOTHED including shoes because she loves water that much. She just doesn't want to be a baby anymore. Thats fine, we have another one coming and it might be helpful if she moves out of some of the more time intensive stages (like diapering, being in a crib, sitting in a high chair... ya know... all the things she is SUPPOSED to be doing). She is a good kid and I love her so darn much that I could pop sometimes.
  • We cut her hair again and it made her look like a little girl. Her hair is almost all one length. We just ahve to wait for the bangs to catch up. I don't want to give her bangs. I'm going to keep it at her shoulders until its all caught up so that it can grow out together. I love her hair this short... but am excited to see what it looks like long.
  • We went camping in Manistee for memorial day/birthdays. Will ahve to update about that later. LOVED it.

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